Friday, June 10, 2011

Real butterflies

Finally feels good to be back to my desktop... feels good to connect back to all friends and bloggers! 
I seem to have missed a lot of challenges and anniversary celebrations! Congrats Kavi and Anita on your blog anniversaries!

Hubby just got himself a new camera for his birthday which is a month away..yeah! he got himself a present! what can I say...less work for me! :) And I've been having fun with that camera...shooting away..and if you're in a beautiful environment like Kerala, the pics just keep on coming...
Won't bore you with the whole trip or the 200+  photos I took, but here are some I'd love to share!
I found some butterflies to chase! :D


Took me a good hour to get these 5 loads of bad pics in the way too..but then these pics made everything worth it!!  

I just finished  another charm..This one's got a ring on top to tie with a ribbon! Hope you like it..comments and suggestions welcome!

The background is a tag I got from Ujjwal..makes a great background for this charm..

See you soon with some cards!!


  1. lovely ones.... i love the butterflies...!!!

  2. OMG real butterflies!!!!!! They look beautiful and so does your charm :)

  3. WOW Tejal, Great photos, beautiful butterflies! I hope your trip was good. I want to go to Kerala. Went to Goa and that was fantastic, we made the trip inland on the train to Hampi, that was a brilliant experience, pretty hot though, LOL
    Your charm is so pretty, did you make it from scratch? I love it, Gay xx

  4. super pics Tejal... worth all the effort... just waiting to get to Kerala... tell me all..

  5. Great you went to my homeland Kerala! Where all did you go? Your beading work is so good!

  6. wow now I know we shall see more butterflies on paper inspired from real ones and thanks a lot. Hope you had a nice trip. Still trying to get some info about trimmer. Can,t decide which ones to buy.

  7. All the pics are beautiful but pics #2 and #4 are phenomenal. #2 has a faint spider web in the background and you caught it on camera. Great job, Tejal. Priya Venkat

  8. WOW!.. beautiful pics!.. congrats on the new camera! :D
    and i am loving your new hobby!.. the charm is soo pretty! :D

  9. The butterflies look fabulous! :) And your beading work is lovely! Hope you had a good break! :)

  10. Gr8 photography!!!! The charm is gorgeous deary.... Lagi raho!!!



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