Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Butterfly Award

Still braving the super super silly rains in mumbai...It serves me right for complaining non-stop about the lack of rains in Ahd...God decided I needed all the rain that He had...so 4 days of non-stop rain..no shopping this time at all...well, not completely nothing....just a bit then..Loved seeing Pie lane goodies in my local shop...and getting to see all the Crafter's cards...that was the highlight of that shopping trip..

On to the award, Thanks Khush for passing on this award...coz its a butterfly one..I know I got you obsessed with butterflies!!!
There are some rules to follow so here they are:
Answer several questions. Award the 'Butterfly Award' to other bloggers
Contact the bloggers to let them know they have received this award
Put a link to the person who gave you the 'Butterfly Award' in the post.
Q1) Name your favorite color?  Aqua

Q2) Name your favorite song? It changes by the day and by the minute...right now...its Saibo from Shor in the city...

Q3) Name your favorite dessert?  Brownies

Q4) What worries you off at the moment? The rains...I hope it stops..I want to go shopping for crafty goodies...

Q5) Your favorite pet? Don't like pets..I think its cruel to keep pets...but don't know how long I can fight this battle against cuteness...Hubby is all for filling the house with small dogs!!

Q6) Black or White? Black

Q7) Your biggest fear? Driving, Heights, Water, not one...many!!!

Q8) Best feature? My sense of humor and Wit

Q9) Everyday attitude? Varies...

Q10) What is perfection?  Day spent with my loved ones...getting lots of cuddles and kisses..

Q11) Guilty pleasure? Shopping way beyond my set budget and yet not feeling sorry for it.....be it crafty shopping, for perfumes, for books ... I don't really spend on clothes that much, nor shoes...

Q12) When you're upset you? Clam up. Or call my BFF and pour down my worries and sorrows to her...and then, we gossip...makes me happy!! :)

So there you have it...some small pieces of my life...

Passing it on to
Erum.. (a butterfly freako like me)

Have fun girls!! will be back soon!!


  1. :D.. Loved your answers.. I wanna read sabke answers.. :D

  2. Hi Tejal, I think you must be a little soggy by now. 4 days of relentless rain would drive me insane:0) Congrats on your award and I like your answers, very interesting:0)Hope it stops raining very soon, Gay xxx

  3. thank u hons... means a lot to me!!!

    P.S.: and i thought i ws the only one troubling u guys with my everyday sobs and stories;)) wondering what i wud hve done without u all... u r the reason why i am still sane!!! ({ })

  4. like khushboo said nice to know a few more things about u.and hope the rains stop so that u get to do some crafty shopping :):)

  5. You are so much like me! I think I am gonna just copy past your answers :)

  6. I have experienced mumbai rains... So can very well understand what you must be going through... Enjoy the rain and hope everything be normal soon... :)
    It was nice reading about you!

  7. Thanks so much girlie for passing the award to me :) will post on my blog soon

  8. haha!.. congrats on all the rains! ;)


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