Monday, September 26, 2011

The good, the bad and the ugly

In my last post I mentioned some really great news....well here it is....I'm the featured crafter on Craftsia's website.
This is my first every interview of any I was pretty excited...and it just made feel great that I'm slowly on the steps to where I want to be. Selling my cards, teaching (yet to achive) and have my own store (long way to go for that) but that in a nutshell is my I feel, this is just the first step for me..and hopefully there will be no looking back!!!
Check out the interview here.

On a slightly bitter note, some of you were privy to my rantings on Facebook. I am definitely not going to elaborate on that, but just wanted to share my few thoughts...
For me blogging was a way of getting out of the nasty politics I see in my every day life...making cards is my therapy...sending smiles to my friends in the form of cards, that is the best feeling that I get. And now this politics is getting into blogland?
If it gets to a point where I cannot tolerate it, I will quit blogging. I blog because it makes me happy and this is just not right.
As much as the back-stabbing hurts, I know the reasons too...and I'm the kinds who will walk away from you, if you hurt me even the slightest bit. It won't matter how good you've been to me, how nice I've been to you....but you hurt me once, and that's the end of my story with you! Its not a threat, it's just who I am.

And honestly in the last 6 months, I've seen the faces of people that I didn't want to see....jealous, plotting, scheming, makes me want to believe that there are very few good people left in the world. Very few....and I'm better off having no friends than having friends who enjoy plotting and then sit back and watch the show and have a good laugh.

There is a lot more that I want to say, but this is not the portal for me to express myself...but this is the gist of it. I've been hurt, exasperated and astonished by people I call friends

For what is all this? What did I do that makes you hate me so much?  This is my open invitation to you...if you've got me up and tell  me what is it that drives you to do such things and speak ill of me behind my back. I promise to hear you out.

But if you got no guts, then please shut up and let me live this one life I've got in peace.

And in case you read it up to here, thanks for reading my whining....and I'm hoping you sympathize with my situation. If anyone has spoken bad about me to you...just ignore it...don't pass it on to any third person...just kill the chain with yourself. It will save me a heartache.

And I'm not allowing comments on this topic....I've got enough advise to last me a lifetime...I don't need anymore. I just need peace and calm around me.

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