Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One layer Thank you

This is a card for all of you....Thank you everyone for all your concern and warm hugs across the virtual world...I'm glad that you took time to read and write back to me and it made me feel really good...so I'm dedicating this card to all of you....to all those who matter!!

Essentially a one layer card...The CS is dark cream fabriano CS folded in half. I could send this for OLW, but its not a CAS, its more on the vintage type!

Shruti, I love these pearls....thanks for making me love them....no need to search for different size pearls...love the 3-D outliner!!! I saw this card on her blog and fell in love with this outliner!! Took me a while to search...but finally got it!!
Sadly this stamp from Inkadinkado, that I brought a year ago, still sat uninked...until today and then I found its a defective piece...One edge of the stamp is on a slope, so the stamp never lays flat and will never give a complete impression ...oh well!! you get some good and you get some bad!!

The right lower corner, where I've tried to ink it thrice..but no luck!! Anyway,s this is just it...A simple one layer, stamped with magical background in tea dye distress ink. Frame stamped in tuxedo black, and sentiment in Rich cocoa. A few dots with liquid pearls And faux stitching with Sakura Micron pen (0.25 mm) A bit of distressing around the edges with Vintage photo and I'm done!!
Next time around, I'm going to mask the center before stamping the background!!! 

Thank you again for all your support. It means a lot. 

P.s. I made my first sale at Craftsia!!! who-hooo!!! This card went as a thank you for the customer!!


  1. This is fabulous..I love the magical background..And congratulaitons on you sale :)

  2. u have to still teach me that background technique.... I loved it on your bookmark and u promised remember??? else atleast send me a link to where i can see it... thanks

  3. and wow ur first sale congrats!!!! first interview and first sale... lots to celebrate hah....

  4. I am glad that you feel better now! And always remember, we'll be there for you no matter what.

    The masked of center would look really nice! Waiting to see it next time!

    P.S. I made my first sale at Craftsia too. Super excited :)

  5. wow Tejal.. beautiful card.. and congrats for ur first sale...

  6. Such an elegant card... love the stamp and the colour combo. Sorry that the stamp turned out defective. Just an idea - maybe you could do an off centre design in the corner so that the defective stamp does not show. Such a lovely card!

    xxx Monica

  7. Tejal Congrats on your successful start at Craftsia. I wanted to congratulate you on that post but since you had disabled comments telling now.
    Dont let evil souls affect you dear and its always nice to rave and let out the tension-- We all need our tension release outlets-My hubby gets all the lambasting when I am upset with anybody!![Poor thing he tolerates me till I settle I became sane gain!]

  8. wow u made a first sale that is just fab congrats tejal:) and i loved your card so so elegant,i really love this background stamp of your's and now whenever i see a card with similar background i always remember your beautiful bookmark from the swap:):)

  9. This is a super card... Well I saw it last night... :-)... Looks awesome.. Love the BG stamp... and congrats on the first sale...

  10. fantabulous one layer Teju! Good to see you are up and kicking ass! Always stay happy my friend. Congratulations on your first sale! Mail me back, how much did you sell it for?

  11. Beautiful card!.. LOVE the stamping!.. Totally pretty! :D

  12. This is such a lovely card! :) am loving the background of this card!! :D
    Glad to know that you are back on track and busy crafting again.. :D

    And yes.. congratulations on your first sale!! :D


  13. Tejal its so so pretty! so nicely decorated with liquid pearls.. I saw ur post yesterday and my heart really felt for you... stay happy lady... hugs and wishes are on the way... grab it!
    I saw ur cards at craftsia...! and I know how it feels when people buy ur handmade stuff... Recently I was able to attract a college's crowd and sold off all my stuff I made till now... :) its a kind of sad feeling too... :( but it will make space for my upcoming projects too... !

  14. This is such a gorgeous card Tejal.. The colors & specially the background stand out! I end up doing such stamping even when the stamp is perfectly ok :D & congrats for the sale!

  15. WOW! The FIRST HAPPY CUSTOMER.... :D It's a gr8 card.. simple yet very appealing!!!

    Wishes to all endeavors.....

    Ash... :)

  16. Thats a very pretty card! so elegant.

  17. Thats a very pretty card! so elegant.

  18. Fab card Tejal! Totally rocking! :)
    And congrats on your first sale....just the start of much more to come! :)
    Chin up and keep smiling woman! :)

  19. Its a wonderful card .... Simplicity speaks.... Congrats for the first sale, first interview ..........

  20. I love this one. Lot of swirls and curls.

  21. Lovely card..and masking the center would be lovely too:)..congrats on your first sale:) and wish you more:)..I loved the center stamp:)

  22. congratulations on your first sale and may it multiply <3
    this is a super cute card!! I love vintage photo distressing!! one amazing thing it is totally!! :)

    please try and visit my blog and follow me if you like it!http://handinhandstore.blogspot.com/

  23. I am comingggggg ...
    whenever I come to Ahmedabad ..which will be post March 2012 ..I will learn this technique ..
    love it .. :)
    as for the last post ..
    since I dnt know anything I'd better S.T.F.U
    However on a different note ..it was good to see your craftsia interview ...precise reason to join it was to stalk you around ;)
    Congratulations ..

  24. Totally awesome.. so so magical.. Love it!!

  25. Your cards are so beautiful. I am sad as i cannot find these kind of textured paper stock in my locality. where are you people getting all these beautiful raw materials ???


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