Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Book Review - Nicholas Sparks

I'm deviating from what I'm supposed to be doing today...making a post for Pie Lane...since that will take a bit of time...I thought I'd jot down a few words on the books that are at my  bedside right now!! I've slowly and steadily become a fan of Nicholas Sparks books. I picked up the first one 10 yrs back,The Notebook and man I was in love!!! And what I loved most was it was so much from the heart...

The book that I recently.. The Lucky One...The story is about an ex-army protagonist who is in search of a woman...he doesn't know her name, doesn't know where she stays...all he has is her photo.He believes she is his lucky charm. Eventually he finds her....and then begins the tale of how he gets to know her.
Along with that is how he develops a bond with her son, her nana....I love her nana...she's one feisty lady! she should have been given more pages to her!
And then there is the bad guy....her ex-husband who will not allow anyone to get close to her...even though they're separated. Read on to watch the story unfold.
Why I loved this was the beautiful blooming of their friendship. I am thankfully blessed with a fabulous imagination and I could see the story unfurling in front of my eyes! I love Logan's character...who wouldn't love a military guy and who has a dog crazy enough to bark underwater??
I love the book for its feel good factor..Definitely worth a read.

The next one that I read was The Choice....I had a mixed feeling about this one. Its about Travis, a guy who is content with the life he has..enjoys a beautiful house and beautiful views of the sunset everyday...but hasn't found love....and isn't too bothered with it.
Then comes over his neighbour...Gabby, who is engaged...and has moved just so she can be closer to her fiance. Then she spends the most perfect day with Travis...and that day never seems to end.....
And there in she has a choice to make....where does her road lead...towards Travis or with her fiance....
This first half I loved...I could feel the butterflies in my stomach when I was reading about their slowly developing reminded me of my days when I first fell in love!! Fabulous read so far!
Then comes part two...this part deals with the choice he has to make...Before the book begins the author gives us vague hints...that Travis is meeting his wife...taking flowers for her...and that he ought to talk to her...that they had a fight and haven't been speaking....and then the second half tells what that fight was all about ...
I found this part a bit haphazard....lots of back and forth between the past and present...I was tempted to chuck the book....because the second half didn't match to the pace of the first half....but as I kept on reading....things fell into place...
The ending is expected, but still the kinds I wanted.
Again, this would be a one time read... if for nothing the first half of the book.

All in all definitely a good way to spend an afternoon cuddled with your book.


  1. thanks for the review ,very crisply done...these books are now definitely on my must read list:):)

  2. Thatz a real nice review....Hope to read these books too am a big fan of Sidney Sheldon and Robin Cook...

  3. Thanks for the review.I love Nicholas sparks too and esp the Notebook and Dear John.BTW I have ordered through Flipkart The Help and it is with me now and will start reading it as soon as I finish manju Kapur's The custody.

  4. Nice reviews..I was an avid reader, but thanks to my little one and work, I haven't been able to read any lately:(..Your reviews make me want to enjoy one such afternoon..*sigh*..Thanks for sharing

  5. LOVE & ROMANCE! I am always IN! Loved the reviews & hoping to "watch" them soon.... :D

    Ash... :)

  6. try to read bridges of madison county and marley and me.the first one is super and the second one is about a dog and if you are fond of pets you will love it.

  7. It is amazing how Nicholas Sparks can show the creation of a beautiful friendship in The Lucky One... he can also portray an antagonist pretty well (in this case, her ex-husband). And The Choice was simply amazing because she cannot decide who to choose. I am an author myself, and trust me, Nicholas Sparks is one of the best authors I've ever read.

  8. I really liked this review, Tejal. It was a good idea to compare two Nicholas Sparks books side-by-side, especially these two. Personally, I really enjoyed The Lucky One- Nana was an absolute riot! The pacing in The Choice was a little tricky to get used to, but I still found the story enjoyable, overall. Though I'm a published author myself, I really feel like Sparks has taught me a lot of what I know about how to craft a good love story. What were your favorite characters in either book?


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