Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Just like that...

This is just a post of few things I wanted to share..I just got a few supplies in the mail from Artystree Ems..a cute little store owned by Eesha Shetty...I had been eyeing the charms that she stocked...Finally got them...butterfly had to be one of them....they are amazing in person...I'm waiting to order more...and I have way too many of them...in case someone wants to share half the charms, I'll be willing!!

 I got the metal book mark and the charm from her....I already had this charm ready when I'd given it for exhibition...I just removed the pearl and added the charm...coz I was in an insane hurry to make it look pretty!!
The book mark is 8 cms...tiny but looks gorgeous!! I do have some extra bookmarks, so if you want a custom made for you...drop me an email..

 That gorgeous butterfly!! I love it....

This is how it looks when hung on the book...Hubby called me crazy when I finished it up at 11pm and went to show him....he's like you made it already? (then shakes his head in amazement...what I would give to hear his thoughts at that time)
And the next is a card I made for a sweet little girl...You can see I struggle with layers and embellishments...

I messed up with the glitter part...not too happy with how it looks..but surely happy with how the Tilda is colored...
Well, that's it from me now...See you around....


  1. Love that bookmark... Gorgeous.. And what a cute tilda.. So cute and PINKY... :-)

  2. Love the bookmark..its looks like so much fun ! gootta give it a try :)

  3. Don't you think you to devote another blog for your amazingly gorgeous ...super-ravishing trinkets ? On this I'm just used to your paper goodies :D
    You are a pro my lady..the bookmark is an exclusive piece of your creative genius. Love it to bits ..
    Is there anything left to say towards the card ? :P
    I love tildas and you hav painted this one way too cute and girly .The lil birdy is cute too..but what abt those flowers ..is that a usual punch ? because i have been looking at something similar in stampin up ...love em'

  4. your bookmarl is just gorgeous!! i love the cute Tilda card so girly...you have colored it so well ..loving your punchcraft as well:)

  5. i just loveeeeeeee that charm!!!

  6. Beautiful bookmark! Never seen like this before.. ans the card is too cute.. In the beginning I thought someone has sent you this card.. coz this is not your usual style.. :)

  7. I ditto priya:) do this pl have store? or u have to order them online only?

  8. WOWWW!!!.. The bookmark looks fabbb!!! :D :D
    I love the store too.. I had ordered some pearl head pins from them some time back! :)
    The card is soo cute!.. LOVE your neat colouring! :D

  9. Oooh la la ...that charm is super gorgeous and I love the bookmark. Perfect as a gift and even for hoarding one for myself :)

  10. Tejal have linked to your blog from mine for some glittery blog traffic--- do post your pie lane tutorials in your blog too.


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