Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hello and Welcome!!

It is my privilege and honor to introduce to you a fabulous online

This is just a fabulous version of the store you already knew as Crafting Queen store. Yup, you guessed it right, it has been thought of and brought to life by Karuna. She has already been helping you get all the crafty things you heart desires via Crafting Queen, and this is just a easier version of your shopping experience.

And I am honored to be part of this store's Creative Team. And as a part of the Team's mission, which is to teach as well as promote this hobby, I have a surprise in store for you over at the Lulupu Blog. Stop by and check out what is that surprise.

Yup there are butterflies involved!! They have to be! :)

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  1. :) Nice card Tejal, I checked it out on the lulupu blog.. & Lovely video too!

  2. Love the bright colors,beautiful card>


Thank you for taking time to appreciate my work!

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