Sunday, March 4, 2012

Scrappy Swap....

Thank you all for a wonderful response to the Lulupu team. Hoping to show you more tutorials in the future...if you have anything special you want me to share do leave it in the comments and will try to come up with it...just don't ask me to talk on the video...not yet...saving money to buy a flip cam!

Just here to share news of  tiny swap that I, Saumya and Khushboo came up with while bugging each other on BBM...for those who don't know...its a blackberry messenger...we chat all day..bug each other all night, and its fun...who says you make friends only in person...we have school friends, college friends, facebook friends, if you're in mumbai, you have train friends (whom you meet everyday on your regular route to work on trains) and now we have BBM friends.

(pic courtesy )- This is a random search from google..not my own pic.

Both of us, me and Saumya are paper more than her...we hoard our scraps too...and suddenly we said how about you send me your scraps and I'll send you mine!! And thus the idea was born....we decided to invite anyone who was interested in sending across their scraps to us and take some from us!! :)

For the full list of rules and requirements, hop over to Saumya's blog..


  1. You would have a heart attack if you saw my scraps! I have a 3 drawer Iris Cart, all sorted by texture, color and size. Even ribbon bits. I let anyone who stops by take what they need and it's a great creative scene for kids of all ages. There is a bucket with glitter, ink, crappy stamps and whatnot. Daughter and I were tossing around doing classes in her basement for extra crafty cash after her baby is a few months old. Then the scrap bucket will stay with her. There are so many kids around and I bet we could do small girl scout troops, too.

  2. Tthis is such a cool idea.I am a hoarder of scraps too...I guess all of us ( crafters)are and you are so right about the friends...we have all kinds of friends...har ek friend jaroori hota hai...jaise chai ke liye toast hota hai

  3. Hi Tejal,
    We loved your creations and would be glad to feature them at Fascinating Fridays!!!! If you're ready to share and inspire then pls mail me at Eagerly waiting to hear from you soon :)

  4. Fabulous idea! I have more cat hair in my scrap box than papers :P

  5. This is such a cool idea, girlie!

    But I am so out of energy to even go looking for my scraps :D ...lets see if I get the chance to participate in this wonderful swap.

  6. ohhhh count me in girl... I will make scraps to get the stuff that you girls hoard.... hehe

  7. Hi Tejal!! How do I register for the scrap swap??


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