Wednesday, April 18, 2012

On a Break

Hey all...I'm sure you've noticed my absence on my blog...

I'm on an official break from crafting..or rather crafting on the back pain had gotten worse over the months...finally trips to the doc and x-rays and blood reports (with fainting spells... I can't see my own blood..I did anatomy in med school....dissected frogs and rats..and yet when I see my blood, I faint!! ) ...

I'm not to craft on the floor..official orders (how I sit quietly...I don't know)..Hubby is quite happy not to get me a working table so that I take rest!! (which I can't)
So I sneak in some crafting time of whatever tools he's not hidden from me! Which is almost nothing..just PP, CS, and my scissors and trimmers....
So you won't see any post from me here....for a while to come...but I will keep posting some that you don't forget me....and Blog Candy is being set up..with Stamps and watch out!

So off to enable you a bit....Did you check out Pie lane's newest Challenge on using Stencils? and did you catch up on using glitters and stencils?

And if you did, do link me up if you try this out...would love to see what you come up with!

Also Deepthi at My Arts has very kindly featured me as her artist this week...Do drop by to read my ramblings from the heart...

Till then...see you soon!!


  1. Oh dear ! Get well soon so that Hemang returns you ur stuff and ur able to start crafting ! We will have Bling girl back in action :)

  2. Hi!!get well soon and thnks for leaving comment on my blog.Yup...i tried stencil after seeing all ur DT projects..thnks for your inspirations!!

  3. Congrats on being featured in Deepthi's was such a wonderful interview i really enjoyed getting to know you a little more :)...... and please take care and get well soon....would love to see more of your crafty inspiration's:)

  4. Get well soon babe! We miss you in blog land :)

  5. oh ,so sad ,take is wealth.may god bless you.

  6. Take care and Yes!!!Your hubby did the correct thing:)

    Get well soon.

  7. Oh..:(..Listen to Hemang and Get well soon..hoping to see u back soon!!

  8. Hey take care Tejal! A break is always refreshing... get well soon so that you comeback with a BANG!!! Keep us updating about your health.. ok..

    Off to read your interview.. Congrats for that!

  9. Hi Tejal,
    we both r sailing in same boat.i can und. how painful it is..i too saving severe backpain prob...n so many testing..i hate...more than crafting tools my table is full of's true no one at home want to see crafting in such situations...take a proper treatment n get well soon..

  10. Oh Tejal I can identify with you about the misery of not being able to craft! I didnt follow my own rules about not crafting and burst the bleb on my burnt hand but fortunately its healed and I can craft away now.
    Crafting or for that matter working on the floor/ bed is a recipe for backpain! If you have a god backsupport chair and proper height table you should be ok to craft provided you dont have neck pain too! This is one lengthy comment-- shall email you the rest!

  11. Oh Tejal! Take care girl...and get the husby to buy you a nice ergonomic chair and table ;-) You shouldn't stay away from crafting for too long, not good for you :) But on a more serious note, hope you feel better soon. Take care of your back, very important. I'm suffering it's wrath right now :(

  12. Hope u Get well soon Tejal...It won't be the same without u here.
    As for leaving's not possible with us mad-about-crafting bugs, to not create anything! Hope your hubby does get you a perfect set of furniture for you to continue & enjoy your passion.

    Take Care Girl..

  13. hey Tejal,do take care girl! i do have a table to craft on, but it proves to be too small most of the time n I land up crafting on the floor!
    hope to see u back in action soon.

  14. hey u take care girl.... thats more important... i have linked u here

  15. Take rest, T! Hope you get well soon.. :)

    Read your interview.. and loved ur responses to every question..

    Love ya!


    - Shruti

  16. i really want to say this. I TOLD YOU SO!!! bola tha na nahi baithna on floor! Now get a table or make a make-shift one for yourself so you can take it to any room you want.


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