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Buying your first Distress inks!

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Planning to buy your first distress inks? Confused as to what colors to buy? Don’t know where to start?
Do I sound like one of those telebrand ads? I think I do!!

 It is confusing if you have a limited budget and over 36 colors to buy..  I had this post long time in the making! I had a lot of people come and ask me how to buy or how to choose the distress inks!

So I’ll just break it down for you, as to how I brought them. 

Whenever buying inks or paints that have too many shades of colors…pick the basic ones first..then buy one color lighter and one color darker than the one you have…In distressing, it gives you a perfect blend…and in coloring it gives you fabulous shading! 

So having said that…what will be your basics first 5 colors?…

Distressing isn’t complete without Vintage that’s your first
Then pick one blue, green, pink and yellow. 

So your first ever colors could be (This is how I bought my colors, you may choose to differ…this is just a guide..not a rule)

Vintage Photo
Shabby Shutters (Green)
Broken China (Blue)
Worn Lipstick (Pink)
Wild honey (Yellow orange) 

Then you can pick your next set…adding one shade darker and one shade lighter to each of the above…

Antique linen (Lighter than Vintage Photo) & Walnut stain (Darker – I don’t own nor need this color since I prefer fresher colors..but you can if you are going for dark vintagey projects)

Green family- Peeled Paint (darker than Shabby shutters)  & Bundled Sage/crushed Olive (lighter)..

For Blues family – Tumbled glass (Lighter) and faded Jeans (darker blue)/also Chipped Sapphire

For pink family – Spun sugar (very light pink) and  Barn door (darker- it is  more of red) /victorian velvet (muted pink). 

Yellows -  Mustard seed (pure yellow) and rusty hinge (darker shade of orange)
That brings you to around 15 inks! 

Then you fill in the missing gaps…like purple – Milled lavender and Dusty concord

Reds – Fired brick and Aged Mahogany (Dark reddish brown)

Ranger has new bright colors too now...and I love them. My favorites are Salty ocean (blue),
picked Raspberry (pink)
 mowed Lawn (green)
squeezed lemonade (yellow)
Ripe persimmon (orange)
Festive berries (red)

I seem to think these are enough to start with…I have bought more colors, but haven’t touched them…coz they’re the extras…purples and lightest pinks etc..which aren’t that much used…What I use most are my top 15 colors!!
Always keep a color chart for your reference…You can download and print it off the ranger website…and keep adding the colors you get…
And another tip…store your inkpads upside down..they’ll always be juicy when you get down to using it…Since I store my inkpads sideways..I make sure I keep rotating them..else they would dry out in the 44C heat ! 

As always feel free to ask questions....your questions help me learn more and maybe help others who have the same doubts! 

Hugs! Tee (my new name....psst Khush I love it...and my husband has forgotten my original name ..he calls me Tee now!!)


  1. Tee.. :) love it!! the name and the post.. thanks a lot.. i've certainly been wondering

  2. You come with the most brilliant posts and this sure is one of them.I have quite a few distress inks...but need to build one shade lighter and one shade darker.Will do that eventually.Meanwhile thanks a lot for this post.You have no idea how helpful this is.

  3. this is so important for newbies like me... Thanks Tee!!

  4. Thanks Tejal for such detailed info abt distress ink.Still i hv not yet bought a single distress ink but yes i want to give ita try.

  5. U should have done it long back ! :P I need to update my distress inks now..
    I must say brilliant :)

  6. oh i have been so waiting for this post...really needed this info on distress inks as i have just ordered a few...Thank you so much tejal for the tips..this is so helpful:)

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  8. this was really needed! yes, khyati is best for these. Thanks for the storage tip.

  9. What a darling you are Tejal. I have never been tempted to buy these inks as I didnt know what to use it for but I recently won the Tim Holtz distress Ink in a giveaway and its still sitinng unopened!Be a dear and do give some info on what all we can do with these distress inks!

  10. This is great Tejal. its really helpful to all. thank you so much for sharing

  11. Thanks for this post Tejal..though i do not own any distress inks but this info. will be useful when i plan to buy a few.. When u r new to a techinque , these adivces are sooo useful !! Thanks for sharing it!!

  12. i can never thank u enuff for my first 15 colors though I need to start off in full pledge...and u know excatly whats stopping me from experimenting too much...will once am thru wid all my back up

  13. Hey tejal.. Tat was soo informative.. I was thinking abt buying them next on my crafty shopping list.. Tis post was indeed v useful :-)

  14. Thanks Tejal for this write up... M buying my first set with reference to this write up :)

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  16. thanks previously i read this n forgot and was not getting link . i thought ,i read somewhere.thanks got link again

  17. you are really very sweet Tejal! Thanks a lot...

  18. Thanks for this wonderful post Tejal...This helps a lot of crafters...

    All ur reviews, ideas about the products and usuage are awesome...Heartfelt thanks....onceagain for this writeup!

  19. hi tejal,very thanks for writing a detailed post about inks,will definitely follow what you said next time when i buy them.

  20. Tejal.. Thanks a lot again for this post... As soon as i decided to buy few basic distress inks, I found myself searching your blog for info already.. It's really nice of you to make posts to help others... :)

  21. awesome Tejal..
    loved this one... b/w how long do these lasts?
    I mean in a temperature that of Delhi.... how long do they last?? do they have any shelf life?

  22. Had bookmarked this post of yours for when I get my first distressed inks. Reopened it just now and ordered my first 5 inkpads. Went with all your first 5 recs except for the blue - preferred tumbled glass to broken china.
    Thanks for writing this!

  23. Hey tejal di . thank you so much for sharing this info .. i am exactly following these tips and just bought my first set of distress inks(ofcourse whic u have mentiond )very much excited :) !!

  24. Hi Tejal, I got my first set of distress inks after reading this post. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Would it be ok with you if I post a link to your tutorials and tutorials page from my blog (

  25. Thanks for this post, Tee! It really helps a lot for saving up or limited budget!

  26. Hello tejal! Big thanks to you for the post. Im not much of a paper crafter or scrapbooking person but seeing various works with distress inks, i feel like getting one 😊 tejal, could you please also tell me what all to buy? As in there seem to be too many things in the category -foams, inks, pads etc..

  27. Hi tee...thanks a ton for ur post as I was wondering how to buy distress inks ....all or few ...but u made my all concepts clear....thanks dear

  28. Thanks a lot tee for ur post u made my all concepts clear....

  29. Haven't I told you enough already???? I'm saying it again..... You're really amazing :D

  30. Awesome way of sharing of knowledge gained via experience..I really really appreciate this side of yours.. I am so late to read this... But anyways yet to buy my oxides so can V use the same method..?


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