Monday, April 12, 2010

Inchie Delight

I found inchies dull the first time they were introduced. Why base the whole card on an image 1x1"? Why?

But then somehow they grew on me. And now having made my first inchie card, I am in love. These are a delight to make and yes, quite addictive. And especially after salivating on the Inchie blog, I had to jump in and make a card for the Inchie challenge.

There isn't much to this card. Very simple as it gets.

And yes, thank you if you notice the 2nd inchie is slightly crooked. After the glue dried, I realized it.

The pp is from hobby Ideas, the image from Tiddly Inks
colored with Watercolor pencils and coated with Glue and gloss for a nice finish. 
A bit of glitter, but not too happy with the glitter. Its too coarse. 

I want some really fine glitter pens..something like Diamond Dust. Well nothing can beat diamond dust..Does anyone have extra diamond dust to send my way?

Here's my sweet lil turtle...
See how the glitter is all coarse. I hate it. I wanted some like fairy dust. Is there such a thing as fairy dust??

Inchies were made by sticking two pieces of CS together to make a hard base.

This card is off to Inchie card sketch #2.
I hope you like it. Back to brainstorming for my ATC challenge. See ya soon..


  1. heyyy youu!!! Inchies huh?! they are sure fun! i love the cute image... and whats this about covering the image with glue? tell me tell me :)

  2. absolutely awesome!!.. nyc nyc!!.. m soo inspired! :D

  3. this is very cute Tejal... love this card...

  4. hey great tejal... ithink i should come to Ahemdabad especially to take some art classes from you.....

  5. Very cute, love the way the turtle breaks out over the edge of the inchies!

  6. Hi again - you asked about Ferro on my blog. It's a kind of thick paint/paste made by a company called Viva Decor. It has a slightly gritty texture and comes in metallic colours. Because it's thick, it holds its shape if you spread it into a stencil and you can also do stuff like stamping into it to create texture and pattern. Hope that helps!

  7. Oh wow... that little turtle image is so adorable!
    I love your inchie card! You did well with the sketch! :)

  8. lovely card :)
    Have u tried the Fevicryl 3D outliner - Shimmer
    I love. I've used it in a few cards on my blog - in case u'd like to see how the finish is. :)


Thank you for taking time to appreciate my work!

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