Friday, April 2, 2010

OhHappy Days...

Reminds me of a song from Sister Act2. I just feel so happy and springy..I was just hopping around in Hobby Ideas, wanted some clear stamps and ink. They had tons of colors of ink, but no stamp..not one set. And no black ink, I know I'm not going to be using inks of other colors as these sets were dated 2007. Am I mad to pay 125 bucks for such an old set! never.

But while I was browsing the new scrapbooking section, I found these dimensional stickers. And they were so colorful, all spring themed and vibrant. I just fell in love.

These two owls are adorable, so is the frog, the peas in the pod..I can't see myself using them, I'll just keep them in the packaging and stare at them, they're so pretty!!!

Love the bee, the happy caterpillar

And just says spring is here...beautiful..wouldn't you agree??


  1. omg wow!!..
    AWESOME STUFF!!.. u cnt just keep them.. u have GOT to use them!.. :D
    .. oh and how much did u get them for??.. :)

  2. Lovely 3 d sticker , what is the cost.
    awating to see creative creation using them


Thank you for taking time to appreciate my work!

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