Thursday, April 1, 2010

New friends

I have been MIA for too long. Just surfing through everyone's blogs and hoping for things. now I'm somehow getting my creativity back. Its limping back, in a while it should be roaring to go...

On one of my blog surfing adventures, I stumbled across an Indian card maker. From her blog, I found so many. I did not realise that there were so many Indian card makers who are as crazy about stamps, paper, inks, cuttlebug, patterned papers, ribbons and much much more. It is such a delight, and I've already found so many alternatives to the more expensive stuff. locally made patterned papers, new hobby store..the list is endless.

There is already and ATC swap for all the Indian cardmakers. Yipee, needless to say I joined in straight away.

Here are the links to the ones I know...As I get to meet others, I shall let you know..

The ATC SWAP group- Crazy about ATCs

Rachna - Rachna's Crafty Corner

Spardha- Get Addicted to Craft!

Smita - Kreativity and Me

Shalini - Craft Curry

On another note, I finally managed to find some Patterned paper from hobby ideas. With recession, their prices have literally hit the roof. or ceiling. or sky high..whatever you prefer.

A single sheet of rub-on that cost me 40bucks, in now 65. A single sheet of sticker is 95. And PP are 20 bucks. I knew this hobby is expensive but if rates keep shooting higher, I might as well give up this hobby.'

Thankfully there is an online hobby store in India (YAY). Itsy-bitsy and it has the PP for 7 bucks. maybe not as thick as the ones I get at hobby Ideas, it still works for me. Now I just hope they keep adding some new stuff.

Here's a shot of the papers I got from Hobby Ideas..

Here's hoping to see you soon with some new cards and new ramblings..


  1. WAit a minute-your bucks can't possibly be the same as our bucks. So what does your 60 bucks come out to compared to US dollars? If you like patterned paper, I can send you some 6 x 6 peices, since I have way too much paper. I take my 12 x 12 and cut it up because I never make cards bigger than 6 x 6 anyways. Let me know and I will start making a goodie bag-might not go out for a few weeks and I never get to the Post Office but I can start. List styles or colors-cause I probably have too much of that kind. I tend to horde earthy colors but I have some of everything. I might even have extra stickers-ya never know.


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