Monday, June 21, 2010

A card making Tip, and a Yay for me!

What a nutcase title..but then that's me. .Here's the best part of my day butterfly card got a mention as one of the CAS favorites of the week. Thank you Karen. I'm soo way to begin my week..

Okay that was the YAY! and now for the tip. I don't know if its so much of a tip as much as what I do.

Once I've finished coloring an image or finished a card, there is always a finishing touch that changes the whole look of the card or the image. By finishing touches, I mean either faux stitching, dots with a white gel pen, black gel pen, some distressing with dark inks...or glitter. Unless you are going for a clean look. this always pushes your cards up by a notch. Its not necessary, but it works. And being the perfectionist that I am..I love adding that finishing touches.

Here's an example..

I've finished coloring my image. It looks good, but for me something's missing. It just needs a little bit something to make it pop. So I added dots with white gel pen. and This is what you get. ( those scribble on the left side are my way of seeing what colors to use)


And again, with this card, a line of faux stitching around the edges. 


And a row of white gel pen dots and some faux stitching along the PP completes this card for me. 


Hope this helps you in some way. Try it. And see the results.

Before I go, just a sneak peak of what I have been working on. This is a PP made with stamps, I've colored this out and used bits and pieces to complete a card. Something that derives inspiration from Nichole Heady. What an amazing woman, I would buy everything PTI if I could..the emphasis is on "If I could".


  1. wow!.. thats grt news!... congratulations!! :D
    Thanks soo mucn for the tip.. I really wanna try this out!.. and I loove ur quilting and faux stitched card!...
    The pp idea is awesome!!! :D
    WOW!.. thats a whole lotta comments! :)

  2. The PP is sooooooo goood :) U dont need to buy PP now :D !!! hehe...Congratulations...You need to make more...and a short tutorial from you...good...I am getting what i want :P :) Lekin Dil mange more :)

  3. Another fan of PTI here. Seems like each month they come up with the most gorgeous stamps and even better inspirational projects. I'm a big fan of Dawn and Michelle. Someday I will own a PTI set........Priya

  4. love the quilt card.. thanks for the tips!
    I too love faux stitching :)

  5. Congrats!! I love the quilt card...

    And yes, faux stitching is the best way to finish off a card (and sometimes save your card from disasters!).

    I love the PTI products too... but they are too expensive :-(


Thank you for taking time to appreciate my work!

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