Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Card Set

This post might be short. Got a massive headache again! Here's the set of cards I made with the PP I showed you in the last post. I had been wondering how to place the design when Susan's card showed me the way.
Its for H's colleague's birthday coming up later in the month.

Sorry for the bad light, took it late in the evening...its been cloudy all day and the humidity is driving me nuts..no rain yet! Here are some individual pics..

I hope you can spot the bling. Its little gemstones on all the flowers.

This red ribbon gave me the creeps. It took me more than 20 tries to do this knot, and this too was in sheer frustration. Don't know why grosgrain ribbon behaves this way...or maybe I'm just ribbon challenged! Sentiment is from Heart and Soul rubber stamps, and is embossed with clear embossing powder. Doesn't show up too well, maybe coz its superfine emb. powder!

I'm looking for a cute bird stamp. Anyone any links...will be appreciated. But the birdie should be cheap too! something like the bird sticker on the blue happy birthday.

The next card gets inspired from Ayana. Have I told you I love her cards? I have, right! so lets get on to the card. This  is my best and biggest blooper card. The sentiment got stamped upside down. I still went ahead and colored it. will find a way to salvage it or just give it like that to someone who has a sense of humor!

This card is one more example of  needing finishing touches. This card looks great, but for me it is incomplete. So here go some bling and some dots and this is what you get.. ( the bling got smudged a bit. Pls don't judge me on that, bling has a mind of its own) And as I said sorry for the dark photos..

So what do you think? does it complete the card? I think it does...
All right then peeps, good night, off to take a night's rest..

Cast of characters
1st card (blue)
Fabriano cardstock
Heart and soul rubber stamp(happy birthday)
Flowers, (mix of hobby ideas and clear stamps)
ribbon- gift from Sophie Landry
Bird sticker ( hobby ideas)

Red ribbon- Sophie Landry (where are you girl?)
Butterfly sticker-roadside vendor
Gemstones- roadside vendors

Coloring with sharpies, glitter-hobby ideas silver glitter


  1. pretty cards Tejal... i think dat card luks quite complete and nice... is it gloss on the flowers too? luks great...

    take rest and hope u feel better soon!!!


  2. super duper cute!..the first two cards are grt replicas!.. awesome paper!. and the masking in the last card looks cute!.. heres the link for some cutie bird stickers:

  3. Tejal, I love these birthday cards! They're so colourful and make me happy. Love the added birds, butterflies and bling!

  4. So pretty Tejal, hope your headache is better:) xx

  5. Hey...what bright cheery cards :)
    Loved them....u have no need to buy PP :) really...these are truely amazing......hugs and cheers :)

  6. I love the cards... they are gorgeous. the coloring is pretty and so is all the bling. It doesn't really matter if bling gets smudged. We, in India, sure do like all that glitters ;-)


  7. Tejal!!! These are BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    I love them and all of the fabulous bright colors! You really did a fantastic job!
    Oh... and I have done the same mistake before! haha... usually, if I stamp or attach something upside down, then I just cut off the layer and then attach it to a new card base.
    But these are so great.
    It's too bad we live sooo far away from each other... otherwise we would definitely craft together!


Thank you for taking time to appreciate my work!

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