Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Playing with patterned paper

I've been busy making scrapbook for a friend. But sadly my creativity, inspiration, it whatever you want has gone out the window..maybe I over did the albums, 4 albums in less than 6 months and all baby albums..someone tell me to make something else..anything else..

 I had made a page, with a paper that didn't seem to fit in..And somewhere along, I saw a post on Juhi's blog about stamping on PP. And that clicked a bulb in my brain. I headed over to Yvonne's blog for Dana's post. And wow! what a post..I kicked myself for not following Yvonne's blog..I had been missing out on tons of inspiration. Better late than never..

This is what my pre-made page looked like..pretty pale and I just didn't like the colors..

And here is the after-page, after I stamped like crazy with my newest baby stamps. (I wouldn't recommend this company at all. Royal and but not the greatest impressions.)

I know that most of this stamping will be covered by the photograph later on, but right now, this page looks playful..not my greatest effort, but better than the bland page before.

Thanks Dana for this wonderful challenge and inspiration.


  1. Love the colorful stamping! It certainly adds interest to the page! So glad you were inspired to try stamping on patterned paper! :) Thanks for playing along! :)

  2. I liked the page you chose and stamping has made it look even better the look and I am sure it will look completely different once the photograph comes on it

  3. love how you stamped the pattern paper!

  4. it really gave a new look to the page tejal

  5. Tejal, I actually love both versions! I've only ever stamped on patterned paper once but I agree, it's something we should do more often!

  6. Really enhanced the page ...looking gr8

  7. what fun!! I got to try that to :)

  8. wow suh lovely stamps...they completely gave a makeover to ur striped PP...lovely idea tejal

  9. wow... what a pretty card.
    i started to follow your blog
    have a lovely weekend

  10. what a great idea of snazzing up a piece of boring designer paper. And thanks for the great link!!

  11. it looks fabulous, I like the colors and the theme, super idea! Have a fantastic day.

    enjoy *~*

  12. Hi Tejal,

    it looks fun with your stamps.. great idea. Anyway, thank you for playing to get my CANDY. i hope you win :)

    Have a Nice day,

    Rina Damay

  13. Tejal this is fabulous!!! And even if parts of it will be covered with photos, the residual peeks from your colorful stamping will still show! What a clever idea.
    Thanks for participating in my challenge!


Thank you for taking time to appreciate my work!

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