Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stylish blogger Award

Wow! I am honored girls..Thanks so much for tagging me with this award..I've been tagged with this award from Karuna, Rachna, Anita and Priya. Thank you so much..

 As per the rules, I have to tag more people and tell you 8 things about myself..The amount of blabbering I do on  my blog, there isn't much left to know, but still will attempt somethings..
1. I love reading..and re-reading my favorite books..I've read Harry Potter and the Twilight series more than  20 times....EACH!! 
2. I and Hubs love eating out. I love trying new places, new menus. 
3. I love good perfumes, and if you're wearing a good perfume, chances are I'll love you even before I talk to you. My favorites so far at Ralph Lauren's Romance, Hugo Boss, Gucci-Me, Davidoff Echo, Bur-berry weekend. Recommend some of your favorite to me..would love to try some more.
4. I can become the ice queen if pissed off..I can go for days without talking to the person I'm angry at, even if we're in the same house.
5. I hate watching English movies dubbed in Hindi. Eeew!! Calling a dinosaur in Jurrasic Park, a "chhipkali"!! Eew!
6. I hope to have a scrapbooking/cardmaking store of my own some day.
7. I love having warm brownies with chocolate sauce and ice-cream. Whenever I'm upset, this is what calms me down.
8. I miss having a girl-friend to sit and talk and just have a good time. Ever since I moved cities, finding girl-friends that I can relate to is a big problem. I do have girl-friends, but not someone I can call at 4 am and bug her life out.

Most of you already have this award, So I'll try to pick a few that don't have it yet,
Yenni Natalia (hop over for some amazing sweetness)


  1. I agree with you on the 'chhipkali' bit. It just isnt right to call a dino that. Here's wishing that you do open a scrapbooking store.

  2. Oh how cld i miss on perfumes.. i have a huge colection ; ) all ae self gifted...maybe some 2 dozens ;) fav being gucci rush! :D

  3. Hi Tejal, thank you so much for the award! Can't believe you read Twilight 20 times?!?!?

  4. i think we are lost sisters or something... I can pick this entire passage and post it on my blog... SO ME!
    ps: i am on harry potter chamber of secrets (AGAIN)--lost count how many times i have re read both of these series!


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