Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blinging up Diwali

One week before Diwali...most of you must be in a cleaning, cooking will I...hopefully!! I'm not too keen on the cleaning or cooking part..especially if I have to do it without any help...domestic or otherwise!!

But if I had to bling up...that I can do...I've got a ton of lights up...and am blinging everything I can!!

Just a teaser of what else I've blinged up....drop by the Pie Lane Blog to see what I have in store for you this Sunday!!

Don't forget to leave your comment/any questions that you might have....
Have a great Sunday!!!


  1. Right time to bling on the bling... like it very much!
    xxx Monica

  2. Looks lovely - I always hesitate to use glitter as everything including daughter and dog get glittered!!

  3. I am working on a lamp quilling too. I will check out yours now.

  4. Lovely card Tejal and Congrats for being on top 4 at Lily Pads!:)..


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