Sunday, October 30, 2011

An Unforgettable Birthday!!!!


Thank you thank you and some more thank you girlies!! I could never imagine such a smashing birthday in my life..ever!!! This is by far the bestest birthday bash that I ever got!! 
As a rule I hate surprises...But this one was one of the best I've ever got!!! So thank you all my blog buddies!! I never knew how much this virtual world and internet world has become a part of my real life!!! If I could, I would hug you guys forever...but then it would be weird and a virtual hug it is!!!

Here are all the cards that I got for my most treasured possessions...and the funniest part of this birthday was that my husband gifted me a diamond pendant..and yet I was more excited to get stamps than receive that pendant!! How shameless could I be??? Does anyone share my love for stamps so much??

In no particular are the beauties that grace my shelf !!! I hope I haven't missed out on any cards..if I have...please forgive me...I'm way too much dazed these days!! Have been climbing forts for 4 days in a row...that's a post for another day!!

 This gorgeous creation from Hussena...Thank you for the sweetest surprise!!

 This gorgeous bouquet card literally took my breath away!! Thank you Priya!!!


This awesome Emboss resist card came from Asha along with a super cute card for my mother in law (we share the same birthday!!!) and a beautiful Domino book for me!!! its a tiny book!


This gorgeous vellum embossed flowers are from you made me want to have those flowers!!! one more set I need to have!!! Its a good thing my anniversary is next month!!

This super super crepe paper flower is from Shruti...Love that bling butterfly!! Thanks for the awesome card!!

Spardha captured all the butterflies in Delhi and put them on my card...superb misting....each butterfly has pearl mist on it..and that blinged butterfly at the corner..superb!! you made my day girl!!

 This gorgeous pixie dusted butterfly came fluttering from Ujjwal...Thanks so so much for this beautiful biggg card!!

 These trio of butterflies made their way from Karuna...Thanks a ton for these gorgeous beauties!!!

This little box of goodies is from Shalini...(You gotta share how you did those butterflies..are they stamped or is that a PP) and this little box opens up to house 8 mini mini cards...
 Each of these mini cards is a piece of art in itself...all gorgeously stamped and distressed and well, if you thought I'd use it to gift it to other're wrong..I'm gonna hoard these forever!!! :)

Aren't they simply gorgeous? Thank you babes for making this possible...You're the master plotter in this along with Khush!! My biggest bear hug is for you both!! :) Love ya girls!

This darling card..with cake and bling and loads of senti mush is from Khush!! (so sorry for the muddle up) love the glossy accents on the butterflies and the coloring..super!!

This one comes from my friend Forum...she has just learnt quilling on her own..and she made this for me...Thank you girlie....(Khush, Hussena, might remember me asking you for a flower tutorial for a friend of mine...this is her)

This gorgeous card made its way from J&;K....Thank you Snehal for the gorgeous card and the most gorgeous sling bag I've ever had...Thank you Thank you again!! :)

This butterfly beauty is from Manasa...despite her hectic schedule..she made a card for me...Thank you so much honored...

  This gorgeous card from Sudha totally made my day!! Thank you for the beautiful papers, stickers and the card too!! Thank you so much!! 

This card from Swathi was the first to arrive...I took this pic from your blog girlie..I seem to have misplaced the card while cleaning my place!! Thank you so so much for thinking of me and starting my festivities early!!

This super super awesome card arrived just an hour ago..and was too lazy to photograph took the pic from Priya Sivraj's blog...this card is even more beautiful in real life....Thank you so so much Priya!! and Thanks for the Pie lane butterfly..being a butterfly addict, I still didn't have it in my collection!

 Phew!!!! that is one lengthy post....but I did warn you....And if you've made it till's the last pic of my birthday gift...for which I jumped more than I did when I got the girls know me well... thanks again!!

And this book from Khush....thanks so much baby girl...will love to give it a I need more tools....maybe I should give you a anniversary is next month...(I'm sure you'll kill me if I make you broke)
Thank you my dear dear friends...Thank you a million times over....I'm over-whelmed and stunned at the love that you've poured out for me....I'm happily basking in the glow of those friends and the friendships that I hold near and dear to my heart....

ETA: this card is on the transit..but had to show it is like saving the best for the last!!!

Thank you thank you ET.....more than my card...I'm praying for you to get well soon...Sending you loads of hugs across baby!! Feel better soon!


  1. wooooooo thts was so sweet...greetings 4m kolkata

  2. Belated happy birthday - glad that it was so special. Loved seeing all the lovely cards and gifts. Lucky you!

    xxx Monica

  3. Wow...You are really a lucky girl.Glad that your bday was fabulous.BTW I share your more love for stamps than diamonds feeling.Every year and on every occassion I ask for more and more of stamps and craft stuff from my husband

  4. you forgot my card... :-o... How mean is that.... :P.. But what a great collection you got man.. Love love love all of them... Now frame them and keep it... and virtual hugs work well.. cool hai... :D

  5. Such beautiful cards. Belated birthday wishes. I guess you had a great time!

  6. Wow ...It looks like you really had a blast !!!....Each creation looks more beautiful than the other ...Such Lovely Cards and Gifts.....:):)I am Just Happy That my Card Reached you On Time!!!!

  7. Oh wao! all the cards are soooo gorgeous! I am glad that I have done my bit to made your day special.. :) u deserve it gal!

  8. Wow! am so happy to see ur collection finally this way!!! and a big hug right back at you!!

  9. awww... am so glad we could be a part of this special day of your life!!! Thanks for having me as your friend... your friendship means a lot!!! ({ })

    and talking abt 'loving-stamps-more-than-diamonds'... u really think i need to say anything ;))

    have a great year and a super successful life!!! God Bless!!!

    Lotsa lotsa Hugs and love...

  10. and Erum's card is missing :(... dat little darling was the 1st one to post her card... seems it hasnt reached yet!!! damn the Indian Post :( ...

  11. Hey Tejal.......... Lucky girl :) .... All the cards are just WOW........... u deserve it dear... though I hardly know you, I can make out that you are the one whom everyone looks up to for ny guidance and you never disappoint them.....:)

  12. are one lucky girl :D

    Love all the gorgeous cards you have in your collection now and well I can totally relate to ignoring a diamond pendant over stamps. have done it zillion times :D

  13. Happy birthday Tejal. You are so lucky to have such friends.

  14. These are gorgeous, i love those mini tags.. they are beautiful. I hope you get my cards soon... I should have sent them two months back!

  15. Wow if ever I want to see a butterfly I just have to drop in to this blog post of yours!!
    Your friends do love you!!
    And yeah I understand the way you feel about the pendant--My hubby gifted me some expensive imported cosmetics to find I was more smitten with the gift wrap it came in!!

  16. You sure are lucky to receive such lovely cards from your loving friends!. Belated Birthday wishes! kudos to friendship!

  17. Wow! What lovelies to receive in the mail! I love that the Indian crafting community is so close-knitted! You must feel so loved! :)

  18. OMG u sure are one lucky girl!

  19. wow... so much gorgeousness at one go.... u are one lucky ducky I must say.... but u completely deserve it... so Enjoy!!!!


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