Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blingy Poinsettia

Just sharing another Card made with Pie Lane products...my favorite..glitter strips and the Pixie dust glitter and glitter balls...

Its essentially the same card I made for Crafty JC's challenge..but this one is on a larger scale..A5 size card..
I've just added a strip of Red CS along with some scalloped borders and a sentiment printed off. (I should have printed it on the same CS..the white and cream are glaringly odd)

There isn't much to explain...drop in a comment if you have any more questions...

Happy Diwali everyone!


  1. Tejal how was your birthday and I love love that flower of yours! Though I think it must have taken quite a bit of effort and dexterity to make it!
    I wanted to make a card for you but as Khush told you are so perfect it scares me to make one!! Ha Ha excuses!!

  2. Super awesome! I love the scalloped border and the red strip addition..it adds so much to the whole look :)

  3. As I gather ..the cards are essentially similar because your love for champagne is no where near over ;)
    BUT !! a lil twist in the elements does make them all a lil different and unique ..

  4. Its amazing!! Happy Diwali to you too!


  5. And have a Wonderful and A Happy B day!!!

  6. wow it is as lovely as the previous one...only bigger

  7. i love the lay out of the card so much and the flower looks so beautiful,love all the bling,brings out the festive mood for sure!!

  8. I love pointsettias...and this card is one gorgeous one!

  9. Happy Birthday Tejal! Wishing you life's best, on your B'day and always. Hugs.

  10. hey Tejal the card is very beautiful...i like the flower the most...


  11. ooh the red strip really adds a whole new dimension to this beauty.


Thank you for taking time to appreciate my work!

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