Thursday, November 24, 2011

A few Q & A's....

Sorry peeps for not being regular..but right now I'm enjoying the weather, snuggling up to my books..they've been complaining for too too long!!! So on that reading spree...I finished Eldest, Brisingr and now hoping to get Inheritance..These are the Eragon Series...and then just finished yesterday, Kathryn Stockett's The Help....fabulous books!!! I have loved writing reviews of books, maybe I could do that here case there are any book lovers who are interested!!! let me know!

Any recommendations for what books you'll are reading...

Back to crafty stuff....I had a few questions from Priya Sivaraj and when I did write back to her, she suggested I share over here...maybe quite a few have the same queries!!

What is the difference between fevicryl glue and gloss and glossy accents? Is it the same product from different countries or the quality is different?
They are two very different products..I haven’t used glossy accents, but have read enough about it and seen in action. Glue and gloss is basically a decoupage glue. It is used to seal the paper and give it a glossy finish..what I do is pile it up to give it a sticker effect.. it’s a white glue that dries clear…and is a slow drying glue. And I’m not too sure how well it will hold your embellishment if you use it as a glue. Since its slow drying, I generally use the no-stitch fabric glue to attach my embellishments.

Glossy Accents on the other hand is a clear glue and quicker drying than glue and gloss, and it holds the embellishments really well. It’s a strong adhesive as well as give a beautiful gloss.
If you had the option to choose, buy Glossy accents for its quality.
Glue and gloss is just a substitute that works as well.
What is the difference between Niji Pearlescent colors and Fevicryl pearl colors?
They are entirely two different items. Pearlescent colors are thin translucent watercolors that have a fabulous sheen to it. You are able to layer on the Niji colors with a variety of can write over them, stamp over them (depending on inks used, it might bleed but that itself is a pretty effect ) 
Fevicryl pearl colors on the other hand are acrylic colors with a pearl luster…they are not translucent..Almost opaque..Unless you water it down a lot, they will be opaque.
Here there is no comparison since they are entirely different products…

A suitable alternative to Pearlescent watercolors would to be to get some white pearl eye shadow powder, mix it with some water colors and give it a try…the finer the eye shadow powder, better the pearl sheen you would get…I’m still to try this out, but if you do, let me know!

MS glitter and Pie Lane glitter!!
I haven’t used MS glitter so can’t compare but it would be safe to say both are at par…MS glitter comes in 3 types…coarse, fine and tinsel. I have the Coarse glitter and it’s bigger chunks of glitter.
As for fine glitter, I would say both are almost same. 
The only difference would be the packaging and the number of colors...and the if anyone has used both..would love your take on this question.

How do u manage cutting 12*12 papers using ur trimmer?                 
I don’t have a 12x12 trimmer. Its on my wish list..I’m still trying to decide which to buy..still going back and forth over my pros and con’s. What I do have is the 5 x 8.5 trimmer.
I use my scale and Precision knife (its like an x-acto knife, but made by stuff) to cut it down to where it will fit within my trimmer.
Priya Venkat had shared a very practical way of cutting up the 12x12  papers…
I find this a very practical way of using my papers, I use the 6x6 for my mini albums or cards, the 6x8 goes for my albums and 4x6 to use as mats for photos or just use it on cards.

That is all from my end for to try and make something..since I'm done with my books and have a lot of borrowed stuff to return!! heheh!!! 


  1. wow... thats a lot of info... thanks Tejal... specially about the paper cutting...

  2. thank you so much for sharing the info....and if you do a book review on your blog then you have a definite follower in me..thanks for the tip abt cutting 12 by 12 although i do not have a trimmer and make do with cutting mat and a paper knife (the regular kind) knw after seeing your post abt the camilin xacto knife i tried to get one here in kolkatta ...but none of the stores here have it:( will have to wait till i go to chennai!!

  3. Paper cutting sizes oh...really cool...thanks so much for sharing !

  4. Thanks for the tips and the paper cutting tip is superb and definitely very useful.Please do a book review .I am interested.Want to know about The help.have heard a lot about it.have you tried any of the Manju Kapur books.they are fabulous.

  5. Tejal I love to read your technical articles. Thanks to you I bought the Guillotine paper cutter which makes making projects for my daughters school so much easier and faster!
    When you have time do write about the cutting machines cuttlebug versus big shot etc. I know we have discussed this in ICR but you always provide such a complete picture I always find myself scrolling down to see if you have added an opinion!

  6. A very informative post, Tejal. Didnt realise my paper cutting tips would be so popular. Glad to help.

  7. wonderful! The eye shadow part is the best!!!

  8. oh this is so informative. thanx tejal for sharing.

  9. ooh you changed the look of your blog! niiiice! I have been trying to do the same since over a month but i cant find the right template. Plus i have been trying to get my sidebar empty and into separate pages... esp the wins and mentions... that is taking way too long :/


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