Friday, November 18, 2011

Oct ATC Swap

We had our  ATC swaphosted by Rachna. It was exciting to see so many participate...

I love ATC's coz they offer a tiny canvas on which to portray your imagination..

For those who don't know what an ATC's my short intro..They're a 2.5x3.5 piece of paper, called ARTIST TRADING CARDS that you embellish, decorate and sign on the reverse ( please don't ever use the word does not exist in the dictionary...I shudder when I read the word backside in newspapers and magazines)
Back to ATC, you sign on the reverse so that your recipient knows who sent it. ATC's are always traded as the name suggests. They are not mini cards. They're like your playing cards or baseball trading cards. Here are a few examples of fabulous ATC's on flickr.
Here and here ( you can browse more by changing the number of page)
These are primarily stamping ATC's. They can also be made with mixed media, collage, paints..any medium!

 So having said that, let me share the ones that I received....
Pics from Kalindi's blog
Pic from Kalindi's blog
These two fabulous cards came from Kalindi....I love the neatness with which she packed the cards..and the tiny bling stones and the scoring!! Way to use your new tools girl...simply fabulous!!! Thank you so much for this gorgeous cards!!
This gorgeous fall creation comes from Vintage queen...Mallika. Thank you sweets for the fabulous burst of color!!!
Coming up are ATC's that I made

I had a few extra poinsettia's printed while I was making cards for Pie lane...and took one..cut it into two and colored glittered, and glossed (the 2nd  card has gloss, the first only glitter) The main card front is distressed (what's new?) with shabby shutters, peeled paint and forest moss. stamps are from Inque Botique..the fern and the sentiment both. Glitter balls and glitter dust from Pie Lane! And a touch of hobby ideas glitter along the border to look like tinsel... ( you can see it better in the first card) 

And on a reprimanding note...I haven't got many comments on my Pie lane card...didn't ya'll visit the blog? or didn't like my card? I know its shameless to ask for comments, but that's how I improve..that's how I know what I did was good or need to improve please hop on over to Pie Lane blog and let me know if the card is way too simple? 


  1. Hey beautiful ATCs which you received... When will u be putting up the ones u made???

  2. Thank You Tejal for this post-- I have never been very clear about ATCs.. the way you explain things is amazing--you should start craft classes !
    And your new pie lane card was not in your blog so didnt see it

  3. all the ATC'S look so beautiful ...i loved the one's you have created its gorgeous and the colors are so striking that i can keep looking at it all day:)

  4. You recd lovely Atc's and I love the ones you made too

  5. I LOVED your ATCs... They are the best I have seen.... Subtle yet RICH!
    How I wish it was me who treasured them... :(

    Ash... :)

  6. Arghhhhhh.....I forgot to post my ATC pics. Thanks for reminding me. Coming to think of it, I forgot to take pics of the ATC's that I made before I mailed it out. Bad me! Off to Pie Lane Blog now.........

  7. thanx for posting dem .. here !!

  8. Pretty cards, Tejal!! :)

    Belated Anniversary Wishes... :)
    Am so sorry to be so late at wishing you on your Anniversary!! :) Hope you had a good time.. :)


  9. Hi..The ATC's which you got are really very pretty and neat as you said.. The ATC made by you with red and green looks awesome and is prefect for this Christmas season. Idea of cutting the poinsettia's is so nice .. The pie lane glitter balls goes well with that..Gorgeous creation..

  10. Hello my friend from very far away!! I was so excited to see a comment on my blog from you so I decided to pop over and say hi!! I need to let you know that as I hop around the crafty blog world, I see your name popping up everywhere! That is so cool! I drop into your blog every once in awhile but it seems I am always short for time and have not been leaving comments. I should try to fix that! HOpe you are well.

  11. Thank you so much Tejal for sharing it ..this is my major blunder that I took the term ATC literally. I just thought it was a more official term for card swaps :P
    Oh and it Kalindi with an "i" less
    People make that mistake a lot so don't mind :)
    all your ATCs are awesome (the ones you made) and I love the whole practice kinda keeps me from absconding and procrastinating :D
    hop over to my blog for candy :)

  12. these are wonderful. I love your deeeeeep green, so hot!


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