Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Reveal

There's not much to post today....but I thought I drop in and show you what I was upto with that rainbow colored paper!!
If you missed it, I'd shared it on my yesterday's post. Here it is again...

 Quite a few of you guessed them as labels....yup those are labels...I was busy playing with distress inks and labels. I was organizing them.... I used to have a hard time pulling all of them out just to see which one I wanted!!!
So after all the inking and playing with inks and sponges....Ta-da!!!! All four sides are labelled so I can put them however, and still see the name of the ink pad!

I love the rainbow colors...and just in case you are tempted to many colors!! It took me one year to come to these colors...I buy as I use...I can always share what I learnt from a blogger pal Britta on how to buy your first distress inks!!

And now it is so easy for me to pick them out of my box of inkpads!! Yeah the foams are also color arranged!! Just for a few will be messy as usual!!

Its a bit messy but that's how it is!! As long as the box closes I have no problems!! :)

I'm sure you will want to ask me a hundred questions!! To the left are my memento dew drop inkpads, the red bottle is the ranger solvent cleaner for my stazon ink. Ask me if you are any more curious!!


  1. Woooow! Huge set of inks!! It might take me 5 years that Is when I am 17 yrs to develop a huge set!!! Have fun!!

  2. You got an awesome collection there girl, I am still on my way to build up my stash of ink pads...long way to go :)

  3. Nice!! But then I am sitting here jaw-dropped :) That's a lot of ink! :D

  4. May I offer another tip. You could put a small velcro strip (the one with the tooth) underneath the distress inkpad and attatch the matching sponge to it. That way both the inkpad and the sponge are together and ready when you want it.

  5. oh wow i know i have seen it before but it still makes me dizzy to see the collection so many ink pads that quite an collection.. and i do have a question for does one start to buy distress inks which would be the most must have color according to you??

  6. to think i have two distress inks ..
    the labels are too inviting ..
    but I will have to wait till the time I get my own craft den ..:P
    oh ...jealous jealous jealous !

  7. ok now thats quite a stash there... got 4 now.... and working on it... grt going..

  8. Wow Tejal..... both things your idea and ur collectin are awesome .....

  9. Omg awesome collection...I am still building mine and have a long way to go.The idea is superb too

  10. What a great way to label your distress inks! I love how you labeled them on all sides. I might just copy your idea! ;)

  11. I ma jealous.. I am jealous... I AM JEALOUS!!!! HMPPPHH!!! :(

  12. I am jealous of ur collection on Distress i need a tutorial from u before i make my first buy.....sooo kindly help!!!!!


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