Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Info Post | Faber-Castell Bi colors and a give-away

With the advent of Facebook, blogging certainly takes a backseat. If its out there on facebook, its done.
I am determined to not follow the path taken by everyone, but instead make my own way...and yet sometimes I end up following the herd!! (shame on me!)
Anyways, this video went up last week on facebook and never got around to posting here.

I do not really enjoy coloring, but because images call out to be colored and I cannot do a shoddy job. It either has to be perfect or none at all...and hence went deep into finding what will give me the best results within the limited resources locally. I remembered my Faber-Castell bi color pencils....and tried and what superb results!!

Since I'm on a bright color roll, I love going bright..but you can do soft too...Will be showing that soon in another video!! yeah...me and videos and talking!!! Scroll down for the video. 

These are the colors I used along with the Derwent Blender pencils. Which unfortunately are not easily available. I'm sure I've found an alternative to it. Waiting for it for reach me....its in transit. However...I did manage to snag the one set of Derwent blender and burnisher pencil I found here....its for 365 for anyone who wants to buy it. Email me if you want it. (tejal2210 AT gmail DOT com) SOLD

Here's the video if you missed it..

Or you can head to my You Tube Channel and watch it there.

And now if you've made it this far, I've got a mini challenge for you. Pick up whatever colors you've got....start coloring..make a project ( a card, a canvas, a tag, anything..not just the image) and link up below. I'll be giving away one set of the Bi-colors( set of 18) to one of you. If you've already got it, you can recommend a friend to whom I will send it.


  1. Thanks tejal for wonderful video..and also thanks for the creative work you gave to do,colouring ..but all we can colour ,it should be complete project or just colouring of image .thanks for chance ,i am definately going to give try.

  2. Looking forward to more videos! :) :) I'm gonna certainly make something for the challenge! :)

  3. Very neat colouring an great vid.Would you help all of us newbie crafters and share some more techniques and tips?Would love to learn!

  4. Video was really helpful and could recall my days when I was asking about coloring through gmail ...:).. I did find pencils but did not get burnishers in the shops so far.... still looking for it.

  5. Wonderful colouring.... Thanks for sharing

  6. I always use Faber Castell's they are the best locally available ones!

  7. thanks for sharing the tute Teju. I really want to experiment this. will try.

  8. Very useful tutorial...Tried it..

  9. This is awesome Tejal! Thanks for the video, and the information as well.

    Thank you for pushing me to use whatever I have at hand to start coloring :) It worked out quite well.


  10. Thanx for the great tut, Tejal. I really love that you are not a tool snob, but encourage people to use whatever resources are at hand. I am definitely raiding my daughter's craft box for her bi-colour pencils!

    Just one question, does the project have to be new, or can I link an old project too?

  11. Hi Tejal, I linked a post, hope it is visible cause I can't see it!!
    am leaving the link here too......loved your tute

  12. Tejal...I have shared this post in my blog post here...


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