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Info Post | Lindy's Stamp Gang - Mists

Yeah the know-it-all is share some more info on what is probably my most favorite-est product so far!! If it has glitter in it, I'm loving it! And with Lindy's products, you can be assured, there is such amazing glitter, you'd probably not wash your hands! I sometimes don't!! :p

So what are they? They are mists...mostly used in mixed media, but I use them everywhere! These mists have binders so that the glimmer won't rub off your product once they're dry. Its not chunky glitter. Its very very fine and shimmery!

4 types of Mists are listed, when you go the Lindy's Shop.

The FLAT FABIO's- The are just color sprays...intense colors but without any glitter (somewhat like the memento fireworks)

The STAR-BURSTS - my most favorite kind of sprays.....they have intense colors and subtle glitter....and amazing names!!  I love how they're named!!

Just some pics to show the amazing glitters on these...
Sprayed with mix of Baby Blue eyes Aqua, and Royal Peacock Fire

Pink is sprayed with Wild honeysuckle Coral Startburst, and the brown flower with Cactus Gold
3. Then comes the Vintage toned sprays....The MOON SHADOW MISTS - All the colors have a base of light or dark brown glitter....these colors are faab for those doing vintage projects...I have just bought my very first Moon Shadow mists, and will put up a review soon!

4. Last but not the least, the GLITZ SPRITZ... these are just pure shimmer mists, without any base color. The color is only of the glitter. These are the ones that I use the most! I love love the gold glitter spray!

Scintillating Silver!!

Cactus very very favorite color

Scintillating silver over the wood-grain CS
So once you can make your mind up as to which colors to buy, then what? How do you use them?

The mists arrive as dry powders within the bottle (best thing they ever did, as it weighs less, you can buy more bottles). Here's a link from Lindy's, as Tracey shows you how to prepare your mists!
First shake up the bottle so that the powder isn't sticking to the bottom.

Fill warm/slightly hot water (preferable if you can use mineral or Purified water) upto the mark indicated on the label of the bottle.
And then Stir the color around with a wooden skewer or small stirrer...
Leave it for 10 mins. (Its want to spray and see, but have some videos till then!)

You are ready to spray.
But, everytime you use it, you have to mix the glitter that settles on the bottom....for that you have to shake the bottle.
Try not to shake the bottle up and down a lot. You might end up clogging the nozzle. ( I have had one clogged nozzle in 2 yrs of using 6 sprays...and if you write to them about it, they send you free replacements)
Hold it between your palms and roll it, like you roll your nail polish bottles. or turn the bottle upside down, and whack the lower end on the edge of your palm! (Arlene shows how she does it in this video!)

And that's it...spray away like crazy!!

Will be back with more on Magical Micas and the Two Toned Embossing Powders, in the next post....and if you want color recommendations, comment below and I'll set you up with my favorite colors!!

A big big thanks to Shalini at Crafter's Corner for listening to my whims and getting this product!! I am over the moon!!


  1. Wow!! I never realised how versatile these sprays are ..Thank you so much for sharing such a detailed review on them have used them so beautifully in your various cards ..I always wondered about the shine some of your cards have i took it to be the perfect pearls !! ..guess i know better now :)

  2. i totally agree with Hussena....thank you for sharing detail informations of this product....iam not aware of this spray colors..going through the videos..if any problem definitely going to bother you...thank you Tejal.

  3. Trust me Tejal...I also dint have such detailed information before calling them and I was wondering if someone could help me in explaining the difference between all....but u did it so beautifully with such simplicity....I loved the entire post....and thanks for mentioning us on your blog and inspiring us to these.

  4. And yes how can I forgot to write the flowers are super amazing.

  5. Wow, Tejal. You really are a treasure trove of information!

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

    All your projects look stunning, especially the flower and the butterfly.


  6. WOW...thanks a bunch Tejal for such an informative post on Lindy's Stuff.
    It'll be some Great Help to me with my newly arrived goodies!

    Thanks for sharing....

  7. Hi Tejal,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog.

    My email address is


  8. Thanks soooo much for the review 'Know-it-all' Tejal :p <3

    All your projects are fantastic... Now pls recommend some colours for me... :D

  9. Thanks soooo much for the review 'Know-it-all' Tejal :p <3

    All your projects are fantastic... Now pls recommend some colours for me... :D

  10. Hi Tejal,

    Crafter's corner just ran out of Lindy's Pink.

    Please suggest me a set to start out.



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