Monday, July 1, 2013

Some New Shares and Enabling! :D

So no crafting as of yet. Sad! very sad, but that means browsing like crazy and that's where I found these crazy things!! Pockets be ready to be emptied out!!

These are for the mixed media junkies....Gesso .. From the brand Golden.

Molding paste  from Golden. These is also something called as Light and Hard Molding paste. (gotta read what that is!)

This shimmering pearlescent medium from Dalery Rowney...mix with your acrylic colors for a shimmering effect!!

All the above stuff is FLAT 20% off!! hehe!! Wouldn't have recommended otherwise!!

Plus Copics on sale flat 20% off.. Look for the ones with Green Tag that says OFFERS!

And what have I brought? These iridescent colors!! They shine like crazy!!
Iridescent Green Blue, GreenBlue  and Violet Blue (I blame Saumya for this...she bought them and I was in love!! ) There are sooo many I want to buy though...See these here.

Phew so much goodness!!!

And did you see? Amazon is in India now!! Hurrah!! Can't wait till they expand their line to crafting goodies!! So far its books, Kindle and Music!! Can't wait!!

And last but not the least.....Check out the Swap, at Swap Central India,  I'm sure you'll be interested!!

Leaving you guys with a picture from my holidays!! don't check us, check out the background!! It was sheer heaven!! See you soon with some crafting stuff....and if you have anything that needs more info, email me...will give me something to search ! Toodles!


  1. Wow such a kewl picture and love the way you shared stuff with us.Off to check your swapping blog

  2. wow awesome thanks for the information, nice pic.

  3. Thanks a lot Tejal for sharing this info with us..the pic background looks awesome !!

  4. Nice picture and this time at Swap central - It is CAS - yipeeeee
    i am very happy, thanks for those lovely goodies which you have sent, love them all

  5. I am so tempted to fall into Copics right now..

    But it costs a whopping 3590, and that too I am not too in love with the colors available in a single set. It is like they want us to buy everything :(

    Tejal, I would like to ask you a question, if you don't mind.

    Does Shinhan TT marker colored images fade away soon?


    P.S. I've really kept my urge to hoard Lawn Fawn Stamps under control, because I don't have copics to color them with.


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