Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Annabelle stamps

I won a stamp set from Annabelle stamps two weeks back and was itching to play with it..It had a beautiful tree image that had my brains whizzing..superb quality of stamps..almost as good as PTI ( I do own one set of PTI stamps, got them in a swap)
So without much chatter (like I always do), here's the card.

That tree had me thinking of tyres hung on trees and used as swing by children, so changed the original stamp a bit to put in a tyre cut with my circle cutter..works like magic..

Brown ink , green ink from hobby ideas,  and birdie stamp from Spardha  (I bought them from her)  and the sentiment is from Stampin Up. Kept it pretty simple . The tyre is covered with glue and gloss(hobby ideas) for that gloss that I love now.

And the birdie has been paper pieced, but its too tiny to tell..

And on to another card, this one I got from Spardha as a BRAK (back Random act of kindness) for sending her the envelope tag mini album. I love this card Spardha, thanks a ton for making my day so happy! {{{hugs}}} to you

And just so to mess with you, putting a sneak peak of my next two cards. I'll post them tomm..


Ok, so both are butterflies! Whats new? Nothing! Just loving them a whole lot right now!


  1. I love the card!.. wow!.. awesome set!.. lucky u!.. i am soo much in love with taht tree! :))
    and that cute lil birdie is ADORABLE!!.. and wow!.. i love that innovative tyre idea!.. and yay!.. got my card published on ur blog! :))

  2. Gorgeous card! Love the dimension on the tire! I too love butterflies....especially glittery ones! : )

  3. Nice stamping again,love the lil bird and the tyre idea:))

  4. Aw, that is such a cute little card with the bird and tire swing!


Thank you for taking time to appreciate my work!

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