Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cool Cat & Glue and Gloss Tip

Heya Peeps, Its been a long week. Try as hard as I may, inspiration had taken a vacation. But hopefully with this card, things would change. This cool cat is a free download from Hambo Stamps, I love their quirky sentiments, the fractured funnies and limericks..too awesome..
To celebrate the fact that we purchased a new printer (DH brought it for his legal work, but when he doesn't use it, it is MINE!!) I made this card. Love this cat..especially his grin! :D

The image was there, now I needed the sketch. Jaya came to the rescue with a bonus sketch for  her challenge blog, and I loved it. And it is summertime at Simon Says Challenge blog :D. What is better than a cool cat!!

This is her beautiful sketch, and here is my take on it.

There's not much to explain in this card..except for the white lines on the sentiment. Those are cat-scratches made by this cat while sighing in happiness (are you hearing that nasty sound of nails being scratched on the blackboard? I'm sure you are..and you are welcome) :D

Image colored with watercolor pencils, and As usual, my black sharpie and white gel pen. And those rounded corners on the image are made with Shilpi's cut -n-tuc rounded square template.

The sentiment in printed (of course) and says "Purr-fect".The fur-font was purr-fect for this card!

And what would I do without my glue and gloss..I had to gloss his shades!!

I'm so happy to see, everyone's cards are having this glue and gloss. So my tutorial wasn't entirely funny!! It did help some people. And speaking about Glue and gloss, Shalini and I discovered through trial and error, that this will smear your sketch pens, especially your Faber-Castell. So learn from our mistakes, don't make your own!!

And another experiment that I tried was using it as a tacky glue (temporary adhesive) on my unmounted rubber stamps (even the nylon ones). It works. Not so great, but enough that you can stamp the image. It will stick to CD cases, your acrylic blocks. Just apply glue and gloss to the back of your unmounted stamp, just like with the images, let it dry overnight and use it on your block. One tip, press a little hard on the stamp to stick it before you ink it up. Though I still want sheets of EZmount, till I get those, these will work better than double sided tapes! And if you want to remove this glue, scratch it off and it comes off very easily. No harm to your stamps! Try and let me know.

P.S. did you notice the little butterfly on the top, where my blog address is displayed? :D


  1. that's a lovely image and lovely coloring,i wonder how much time u take to create ur posts.I don't hav this much patience:)

  2. phew!!! dat ws one marathon of a post!!! awesum awesum awesum card... love that cutie image...

    and yes, that butterfly very appropriately represents u, my butterfly lady :))

  3. aah you have used really cool colours here... too bad i am fasting otherwise i would have opted for a drink right about now :P
    yeah i can see the butterfly. CUTE!

  4. Wow!! This is soooo sweet!! Loved the cat & her goggles are soo cute!

  5. Butterflies galore ! :) Loved ur coloring...the card is soooo refreshing ! :) As ET said...I could have a drink...:P
    And yes...I love the glue gloss....glad u introduced me to it ! I love his flipflops...cute na !

  6. This is such a nice card, Tejal. Guess the break worked wonders for your creativity ;-) Love the image and the coloring.

    And yes, cute little butterfly. Guess I'll prefer to call you Ms Fluttery or something :D

    PS: Thanks for reminding us of that terrible scratchy sound... sending a horrid feeling down my spine :-/

  7. Tejal, thanks so much for your sweet comments. If you send me your address via email I would be happy to send you a few Martha Stewart doilies so you can create with them, especially now that you found your "creative mojo" again!! :-)

  8. That's one cool cat, Tejal. Beautiful colouring. Also digging the cute heart-beat lines on the edge of the card. Totally missing the butterfly though.....where is it?

  9. Beautiful colouring!! loved loved the card Tejal :))))The Glue n Gloss looks great and the cat is super cute.
    Thanks for playing along with CraftyJC Challenge:)

  10. Tejal, your little floating kitty is adorable! Your colouring is fantastic! I do love that little butterfly icon on the tab of your blogsite!

  11. Loved the bright colors and the image is just fab!! What great use of glue and gloss..loved the way u colored the super fun kitty!!

  12. love that card!.. and I am yet to try the glue and gloss :(
    one tip.. the double sided (non foam) adhesive works well.. stick that to the block and use ur cn just peel it off later.. aldo, my fevi stick works as a very nice repositionable adhesive ;).. don't know if its going to work on a stamp though.. :)


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