Thursday, August 19, 2010

My box of goodies

Please don't be jealous..I just love sharing my happiness and so am sharing my goodies that have been here..My dearest friend was kind enough to send all of these with her mom...yay!!
I love the way Frugalities packed my goodies..this was packed inside a bigger box...and yay! I finally got my heat to try and not to burn it..again!!!

I placed this order when they were having their 49% all of these is half price..can you see the little candy next to the huge jar of MS glitter. Pictures on the website are so deceptive!!
This was my first order(before the 49% sale, still these were 15% off) I'm a frugal shopper..won't buy unless its on I love their flat rate shipping..3.99!!..can someone see their jar of perfect pearls..will be on its way to you shortly...and my oh so lovely inkpads!! there is more candy (literal candy) in this pack the beautiful penny black 12x12 sheet of blue that you can for some more detailed pics...
These are my brads, embossing powders, my huge jar of Martha stewart glitter, and my 12 inkpads..
I finally have my very own cupcake stamps, and hero arts stamps!! the top two are by inkadinkado.and the last pic..promise not to bug you more!
Apron lace punch, corner rounder, clear embossing powder, candies!!
And quite a few of you are looking for binder rings..Manasa has found some at Venus traders in Pune..I'll try and get the phone number of the shop for you..these are what she sent me..two sizes..

That's all. Will be back to showcase Shalini's entry to the PWCO challenge...You girl rock with all your support and love...Thanks a ton again.


  1. OMG yummy stuff!.. and yay for the perfect pearls!.. someone DID see it! :).. and omg!.. 49% off??.. why didn't i order anything else too?.. next time i do it.. kick me! :)

  2. Hi Tejal, enjoy your goodies, they were on special!!!Looks like you have got some really great equipment, I can't wait to see what fabulous stuff you're going to create:D xx

  3. ah i am so happy for you Tejal!!!
    the local ink doesnt work with the clear stamps, so whatever i got as gift for the first prize is useless to me right now. I am happy atleast you will be stamping your heart out! :)
    now lets see some new creations!

  4. Super cool, Tejal... Very happy for you :-) Use it all well...

    As for the binding rings.... sigh... I am fed up explaining it here. I have saved a pic on my phone so that I can show it to some store and ask LOL.
    {to think of it, I used to live and study so close to Venus Traders when I was in college!!}

  5. :) Nice stuff :D

    I am getting my stampie toooo :)

  6. awesome stuff.. & its really hard to not to be jealous!! :D :D

  7. YooooooHooooooo!!!!!! I know exactly how you feel having been on the recieving end of some crafty goodness myself. Are your fingers itching to break them open and try them out??? Come on then.....we are waiting to see your creations. And last but not least..... Congratulations on your new stuff. ENJOY!!!

  8. Wow thats an awesome lot! congrats :D lovely stuff! can i ask where you ordered? i oroder around 10 MS punches but they wld come in jan. long wait for me :( and be careful with the hea gun. i burnt mine too n then my friend got me a turn around solution which is working fine now :)

  9. wohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhthis this kinda stuff is gonna make any crafter jealous buddy....have fun with the supplies im luking frward to c ur brains ticking n seeing fabulous wrk....

  10. Such divine goodies! I bet you'll have a lot of fun using them!


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