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These tutorials are a product of extensive reading, researching and lots of time spent on making them. Please do not copy, or share on your page (for promoting your items in your shop) unless I give you permission to do so. Please ask nicely....I won't say no...but you need to ask.... You can link it on your blogs if you have used these tutorials...please share the link with me when you do use these tutorials...I would love to stop by and see what you have done! 

Ok, so mini-tutorial is a misnomer, its a micro tutorial!! Ok, not even a tutorial, its just a demo...yup! that's the right word...Its a demo of how the Hobby Ideas glue and gloss works. I've gotten quite a few emails, asking me how I use it or what is it.
Essentially its a Decoupage glue, and when dries it gives a clear glossy finish. It is in essence what the Glossy Accents, or the Judikins Diamond glaze does. This is how I start.
(click on any picture to see it full size)

 My weapons of choice, 3D glitter glue- ice shimmer (TIP - Pick up from the shimmer series in the 3D out-liners, they're gorgeous. superfine glitter, I still have to find the yellow shimmer, already got blue, pink and ice )The ones that say glitter are too chunky, will work only as out-liners)
ETA : another tip about these glitters, they will stick to any other paper that comes in contact with it. If its on the card, it will stick to the envelope, if its on an album it will stick to the previous page. Better to give it a coat of gloss so it does not stick.

Get your image colored, and if you want glitter on it, put the glitter on first.

I just apply tiny amounts and then spread it out with my fingers.

 Give it few minutes to dry and then get your glue and gloss.

 It looks like glue, but will dry clear. Apply in a thin layer but give it good coverage.

This is one wing covered. Make sure there are no bubbles. Take pleasure in popping the ones that do find their way in. 

 These are all covered, snow white beauties, waiting to dry. Don't do like I did for the green butterfly, its all podgy, if that's even a word. Give it a smooth coat, like the second and third butterfly.

At the end of one hour, the edges will start going from opaque to clear. ( yes, I did get a bit of bubbles on the green one) 

End of 3-4 hours. Do your best not to touch, no matter how much you'll leave your finger prints behind.
At the end of six hours All glossed up. I kept it out overnight since there was no light to take a good pic. Took this before I gave my DH his breakfast. And he was quick to compare, "butterflies over me?" and I said, always!! And then he too was a fan of the butterflies!
This doesn't show the gloss in its full glory, those who have my cards will tell  you how great it is. 
Another pic just to show the gloss.

Hope you can see the glaze. So that's it, my mini-micro-Demo. Go out there, buy yourself some glue and gloss and have fun.
P.S. Hobby Ideas is not compensating me enough for the stuff I buy off their shelves. They should. Are you listening? or Reading?


  1. Super!!! I love your tutorial. And now I know where I went wrong too :-) I'll rectify my product right away :-)

    Thank you sooooooooooo much for the tutorial, Tejal!

    btw, what will Hobby Ideas compensate you with? All products that they have is at least 2 years old [yeah, I am in a crappy mood since I didn't find any new ink yesterday].


  2. hey great tut there Tejal! too bad i dont have this stuff :/ but atleast i know how it works! :D

  3. Thanks sooo much!.. love the tutorial.. m soo gonna use it! :))..
    and don't you worry.. i'll talk to the hobby ideas manager.. ;)

  4. OMG thanks a ton Tejal!!I am itching to try this out now....thanks again for the great tutorial!

  5. thanks a ton Tejal!!! dont knw why bt my ink smudges each time i try using glue n gloss over it... maybe i shud give it another sincere try nw :)

  6. I just adore these butterflies!!! I use Crystal lacquer for just about everything just adds such pretty dimension! : )

  7. Hi Tejal, great tutorial, just wouldn't be able keep my fingers out:)
    You asked me how I did my flowers;
    I started with an A4 card(white) and inked it up with a big and juicy ink pad(the Happy Birthday one), using all the colours but not too much green. then I used glimmer mist all over, waited till it dried. Stamped with the flower stamp x4 then cut the flowers out and shaped the petals and finally, using silicone glue, laid them on the card. Hope that helps:)
    Details of stamps are on my blog just click on the name. Have a lovely weekend:) xx

  8. Oh,so this is the secret behind your glossy butterflies?if real butterflies see this they will ask for some glue n gloss on their wings too, thanks a ton for the tutorials.

  9. Hi Tejal, looks like I have to add these items to my want list now. Lovely butterflies. And to think I have three of them sitting on a card on my work desk......Thanks so much for the card. I'm gonna post it up on my blog this week for everyone else to see.
    BTW got my new PTI and MSE stamps yesterday. There was some mess up as PTI hasnt sent me the dies (though they are already paid for). I'm busy making projects with all the new stuff.

  10. wow!! Thanks for the tutorial.. Does the paper thickness matters? generally applying glue in these proportions make the paper a bit wavy, this one doesn't change the paper's texture?

  11. Hey there!! Thank you so much for the tutorial, I loved those butterflies on your card:-)They are super pretty with the glitter and gloss.

    I generally use the Judikins one:-) I love adding a bit of gloss here and there for some extra 'bang'.

    Its been a really looong week, not as hot as expected though.. Like you said, its either pouring down or scorching hot over here:-) he he

  12. Thanks for the tutorial ...I am a follower now and its great to know that hobby ideas gloss works ....I just love using glosy accents on my projects.

  13. gr8 tutorial Tejal!!!I have always loved your butterflies and you can imagine where the itch came from to try my own...I have been so stupid to apply my most expensive top coat on this ,but thanx to u now I have a better option .Thanx a lot

  14. thanks tejal!!i got attached wid u by erum...i m totally fresher in paper craft..actually me into trousseau packaging since 15 yrs..nw want my 13 yrs old daughtr to learn this art..ur tutorial will definately help me out in a gr8 way..thanks a lot,dear!!

  15. Tejal I finally tried gloss and glue in my last project. Have given a link to you so that people can learn more.

  16. wow this is super AMAZING.. i m surely gonna try this out in my new card idea.. thnx

  17. Tejal, a very basic question. Are the butterfly shapes punched? Do you handpaint them or stamp them with colour?
    How generous of you to share your tips.


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