Monday, August 30, 2010

OLW#17 - Using borders

Its been a long two weeks...the first week went in biting my nails for the Paperworks Ultimate summer challenge!! And then, in traveling to meet my family in Mumbai, and then the voting process..checking the votes was the first and the last thing I did in my day!! Before I jump into my post, let me thank each and every friend that voted for my Team. All my friends on every networking site and all my friends in the blogging world..Thanks a ton..

It sounds like an award acceptance speech!! Last post I was canvassing and this post I'm thanking!! Though the results are not out yet..but hopefully we made it to the top 3!!

Ok, now coming to the post..this weeks One Layer Wednesday was to use border stamps...I had two stamps, but then I saw Donelda's post about using wheel stamps and I realized I had those too..9 of them! two unmounted but of no cut a long story short, I use two of the wheel stamps that I'd bought ages ago from hobby ideas.
Aligning them to run straight, big problem..used my scale as a guide and still managed to ruin 2 cards! This is the 3rd attempt..
Added colors with my Sharpies, some glitter and gloss on the centers of the flowers. that's all to it.
Sentiment is from Stamping Bella which I got from Dawn! (Hi!!)

Since I love how this turned out, I made another..

I love the sheer Simplicity of this card..such a pretty wheel and such pretty colors.. added some glitter and gloss on the wings of the bee..colors with sharpies. Sentiment is from a Studio G dollar stamp.

See how pretty the gloss looks!

Blogger has been constantly ruining my least ruining the clarity of it for a past few weeks..anyone know how to fix it? The moment I put the photos into the large mode, it  blurs..I hate it especially when I take so much pains to get a sharp clear shot.  Here are the same pics on Flickr, pic 1 and pic 2. See the difference. Its the same pic, uploaded to two different places!

Well that's all the banter from me right now..been organizing my stamping stuff..since I got more stuff, don't have any place to put re-organizing. Spent hours cataloging my clear much fun..and then my wood mounted stamps..and now time to arrange the accessories (everything else other than stamps, paper and inks)..can never have too many of them..phew! need a room for all of this..

Just made a new page with a peek into my crafting supplies. In case you're interested you can find it below my header or click here..


  1. Lovely cards, Tejal... Your coloring is fab as usual. Glad to have you back in blogland and hoping to meet you soon. I can never get wheel stamps to work somehow... find them very irritating ;-) [yeah, sour grapes] so I don't stock them much either. Gave one away to Aaryan tooo ;-)

  2. such cute cards! i really like one layered cards :)
    you should try using Live Writer... that comes with msn and separately too...

  3. super cute cards!.. and 9 stamps!.. wow!.. i got a few of those too and i totally agree with you on aligning the stamps!.. :)
    and isn't it funny no matter how many embellies we have (and our family members try to threaten us to throw us out if we STUFF our space more before using them) we still can't have enough of them!.. anyways, they will never understand! ;)
    happy organizing!.. do share some tips.. I am needy! :)

  4. Hi Tejal, Your first card is brilliant it is my favourite:D the other is very good but you are right the picture is fuzzy, what a shame. Wishing you Good luck:D xx

  5. Both cards are so bright and pretty!

  6. adorable - so bright and colorful!!

  7. cute,love it.nice coloring as always:)
    I am also reorganizing my stuffs,keep on shifting the things but still space is not enough

  8. I love both cards! You did a great job coloring them...and the glossy accents are awesome on the bee's wings!

  9. Hey both the cards are just gorgeous!love the coloring.....I have these stamps since ages n have used them at times without coloring, but this is just lovely!

  10. Lovely CAS cards Tejal!! Even I have a set of rolling stamps since ages. Tried using them once but could not get them right and was so frustrated that I never tried using them again.

    let me try using a scale to align them and I hope it works this time :)

  11. Can't comment on Flicker without a flicker account, so I'm glad you also post here. I love your card, and especially your wonderful coloring. I would NEVER be able to stay inside the lines on such tiny images.

  12. lovely simple...i absolutely agree me too have a rolling stamp from hobby ideas and have ruined several papers in an attempt to use it....but i loved ur idea of using a ruker to align gna surely try...thnks

  13. Beautiful works dear.
    Congrats for winning Crafty JC challenge 1.


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