Thursday, March 10, 2011

AWIC-2 Day 3

Hey all, Welcome to day 3 of A week in cards...half way there..4 days more..what is it that makes me not decide on one card? Yeah, I've got two cards to show today too..and they're my favorite things...butterflies. Not much of stamping today..just punches and stickers and bling!!

 Today's inspiration comes from Toni. Although her blog is in Bulgarian, you don't need English to find inspiration. I love her clean style and the fact that she loves butterflies too!! Here is the inspiration for my first card..
There isn't much about this, except that the sentiment banner is I know how to draw straight lines!! I didn't like that the butterflies in her card were military straight, I had to let them ready to fly away!! Stickers are silver printasticks.

And since I could not stop at one...punching butterflies with Classic butterfly punch is nothing too hard..I made another card. Here is Toni's inspiring card. And here's my CASE..
If I could I would make it bigger..its a 4x4 card. Thankfully the picture looks better than the card does IRL. I do love the sentiment. Just the right size. From Annabelle Stamps, Tree-men-dous set.
 Here I've used vellum and Dorso colors to give it a blue tinge. And pearls.

So that's it from me today..should be back at night to post my Scrappy Scrap challenge card. Thanks Shalini for this challenge..sure was fun..btw, what's the prize? If its a big one, I could beg for votes properly!! :)


  1. You can never go wrong with butterflies..can u??

    These cards put a smile on my face. love the fantastic color combo and the fact that you let your butterflies enjoy the freedom and take flight :D

  2. Wow! 2 cards in a day... wonder how you can do it?! Lovely they are!! Your butterfly obsession seems to be rubbing off on many others out here :D {not me yet LOL... I'm still stuck with flowers but I can't help it if a little bug comes flying by}!

    Love the way you have photographed the cards :) Very neat!

    PS: I did vote for you [top of my list] ;-)

  3. your butterflies are always beautiful and just keep wondering at them!! great work!

  4. love love love love!!! love both the cards! the second is SHO CUTE! I HAVE to CASE these!!! Fantabulous!

  5. BTW very funny post! "military straight" LMAO

  6. Great work and take must CASE are introducing me to so many lovely ladies ...and your fetish for butterflies is infectious...I used one too...

  7. Your butterflies certainly do flutter. Your second card is also spectacular!

  8. sooooooo pretty, love the bling on the butterflies

  9. Hi, Tejal!
    I love your interpretations of my cards.
    Really beautiful!
    And thank you for the links to my blog.
    Have a wonderful day :)


Thank you for taking time to appreciate my work!

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