Friday, March 11, 2011

AWIC 2- Day 4 and OLW#44

Wow!! Did I miss so many OLW challenges? Quite a few I guess. Today's entry is very mediocre by my standards..maybe because I've not been able to photograph them well...I could try a lighter background to get better pics, but my back's not upto it. New bed and new mattresses have made life hell for my already broken back. And the fact that it took me 5 tries to get the cards done. Let's not vent over here.
 Also my entry for AWIC day 4.

Anyways, this week's OLW is to find inspiration from Marta Dansie's pinterest. I'm on Pinterest and its addicting.
Here's my inspiration photo, followed by my cards..
I loved this set..for its colors, its design and for the fact that I had all the supplies to make this.

This is the 2nd time in 3 yrs that I'm using this stamp set. Got any of those? This is a Sassafrass lass Flip-a-roo stamp. Which means, you can use both the sides of the stamp..the pink is stamped with reverse of the grey image. Don't know if I'm making any sense!
Hobby ideas dark grey ink and memento Angel Pink dew drop.

Since I'm on a 2 card roll, I couldn't leave the r.s.v.p alone. I had to use that to make another card..its 3x3 tiny card..finally used my new Unity Burlap background. Honestly, its too tiny to classify as a background.

Loads of masking..use the post it's to mask the layers before stamping. This card is try no.3. Annabelle stamps again for the sentiment.
Maybe I should have used the darker pink. This is barely visible. Eh! as I said, bad day..couldn't do it more again.


  1. nyc nyc nyc... why dont u like it... i quite love it... specially becoz pink and grey really goes well together... and yes, u are very much making sense :)) hope yr bak's feeling better soon!!! maybe a warm hug fm DH might help :)

  2. Super cards! You had the energy to do this with a bad back! OMG. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and take care! :)

  3. I love it. Awesome take on the inspiration - twice over :) take care girl

  4. They look lovely Tejal, don't be too hard on yourself. Love that you kept them clean and simple. Really showcases your awesome stamping! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  5. The inspiration is seriously elegant.... & the outcome of your efforts even being barred by all the pain & suffering is commendable.... Wishing u a speedy recovery..... :)


  6. I have the same colour combination going in my mind since days! I have the pattern paper printed out and I just couldnt decide how I am suppose to go about with it! This is crazy cool! I love these circles and your pink is cute and soft, it's not so light. The white cardstock in harder to photograph.

  7. super cards!! and I love the color combo too.. hope your back gets well soon!

  8. Hello Tejal. Thanks for your kind and inviting words at Doodlebuddies. I had joined Indian Craft Room, a couple of days back so hopefully will keep in touch with all you gals.
    Oh and Tejal, love the scarlet Red suit, your wearing in the profile picture. Very pretty.
    Plenty of Love

  9. I love the colors... grey and pink are pretty together! I love the first card more... though I like the second one too :) Is the background so tiny?



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