Saturday, March 26, 2011


Its been a long and silent fact the whole Indie blogland is seemingly silent. Did that AWIC really wipe us out? I'm itching to make cards and yet previous commitments have given me no time. Or rather, I don't give it time..if I sit to make cards, my scrapbook album will be late (its late by 4 months already!! gasp!!)

I just wanted to share new post that went up on craft supplies blog and also ask if anyone was willing to help post on that blog. Since quite a few of us have been shopping, I would love it you could get in touch with me, if you want to help out.
Help will involve posting your new goodies, where you got it from, what was the shipping paid etc..any customs..
A few stores that I want to cover are Simon says, Global Ebay (Mallika, if you got the time, please help in) JoAnn's, etc.
Here's just a snap shot of my tiny haul from Etsy..(first time ordering from there) All pics from Closeoutgirl's shop.

Splash dance collection from Imaginesce
Let's roll collection from Imaginesce
Baby girl from 3 bugs in a rug. 
Check out the post for more details.


  1. hey tejal di !
    i would love to help you in the global ebay section !
    i wun be in country fer 10 days ,, i m going today .. i will try to mail you the details by tonight . ...else will do it after coming bak !
    i would love to help all of you ... Believe me global ebay is really good !

  2. Loved the sentiments..... That is one good shopping!


  3. Lovely stamps. I find Joann bit expensive in terms of shipping prices. Also it doesnt have International shipping.

  4. Those baby stamps are super cute! I can't wait to see you use them. Starting a crafty shopping blog is a great idea too. How far is your nearest craft shop?

  5. Love your new stamps!! Rip them open and share a project soon!!

  6. How cute!! I love those little boy stamps. P.S. I love your new photo, Tejal!


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