Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Handmade roses

Hey everyone..

 I got down to making flowers...I followed the tutorial from Tim Holtz's blog..and instead of the die cuts, I used my Shilpi Cut-n-Tuc flower template to get the 6 petal shape.

Roses and punched out leaves. Butterfly punched out from colored parchment paper. Duly glittered and blinged! :)

The little pink flower got covered in the first pic..so another one, to show the dimension. This is the first card I made with so much dimension..wonder how I'll end up gifting it? a box perhaps?

A few Q & A about my previous ATCs...

Parchment v/s vellum v/s gateway sheet

From what I researched, originally vellum and parchment were made from animal skins..but for papers they're made from plant fibres and cellulose. What I use are Pergamano parchment papers which are thicker than vellum.
'Pergamano' uses a heavyweight 140/160g (weight in grams per square meter) European made paper of archival quality that is strong enough to withstand fine perforating and pressure embossing without tearing,
90g weight and below is usually called vellum.
Thicker tracing paper is called gateway sheet (as much as I can gather about it). It does come in various weights too...from 30gsm to 280 gsm.

For embossing, I would suggest parchment paper or gateway paper in higher gsm...since most dye based inks will stay wet longer on parchment paper, no need for versamark. Just hold the heat gun away from it and keep moving it around the parchement paper.
And in case if the paper curls, heat it from the opposite side to uncurl it.


  1. It turned out so beautiful!! love those flowers and butterflies are the perfect accents!

  2. absolutely gorgeous!love the white ribbon!

  3. Fabulous card Tejal, Love the gorgeous flowers and of course the pretty butterflies:0) xxx
    p.s I've been crafting a while now and I didn't know that about velum and parchment, you never stop learning, Thanks :0)

  4. what a vibarant card lovely flowers and butterfly.thanks for sharing some more info about vellum v/s gateway etc.

  5. lovely flowers! You are a great help!

  6. This is truly India! Love the colours!

  7. Fab card and where do you get this Shilpi cut n tuc flower template? another thing any idea where could i lay my hands on vellum and parchment paper in pune?

  8. i love the roses and ooh the butterflies!!!! gorgeous dimension and lovely effect too!`

  9. WOW!.. beautiful card!... LOVE all the bling!..
    the theme of the new challenge is super duper cool! :D
    your flowers are soo gab! :D

  10. Woooooow! Oh my! Absolutely super stuff! :)

  11. Wow, Tejal, this is absolutely stunning! It's CAS and yet over-the-top, not easy to do. Those sparkly flowers and butterflies are beautiful. You are amazing!

  12. This is great Tejal. I love those roses complete with sparkly petals. Very pretty.

  13. love the roses love the butterfly love the color combo!! just love the card!! tell me what kinda beads u need may b i can help

  14. Gosh! What a stunning creation! Tejal...you have outdone yourself! :) Yes....am thinking you will need a box to send this one out in! Super!

  15. Tejal, you need to make one for the LIM challenge....butterflies! :)
    Seems like I have stopped by twice and your card looks fab everytime! :)

  16. great work..love the flowers ...

    Shoma Beramji

  17. Adorable..I love d pink n orange flower !

  18. Thank You for the info on the parchment paper, vellum. All such technical info is new to me!
    PS: Your card is awesome. Had tried to comment earlier too but blogger has been acting terribly these days!

  19. I love these flowers...They look so real...


Thank you for taking time to appreciate my work!

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