Friday, May 11, 2007

A card inspired

Lately i've been going throu tons of websites solely devoted to making cards using rubber stamps and you can imagine the creativity of these wonderful gals out there. For the sole reason that rubber stamping, card making is a big time hobby in the united states, for a second i wish i was born there, or at least i wish i had a rich cousin who could send me all those stamps.
Alas! none of the above, so i make do with whatever little i get.

Fortunately there is a store in mumbai that imports stamps from Taiwan, IMO and sells. Its priced reasonably, clear acrylic stamps are in large numbers than the wood mounted. stamp pads are minuscule in number, and colors available are less than 5 but something is better than nothing.
this is a card i made for my bestest friend, and it turned out pretty good.
I loved the design on Maria's blog, and loved what she says. why keep everything straight, twist things a little bit. so that's what i did.

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