Sunday, May 13, 2007

Christmas in may?

I am like a small child right now for who christmas has come early. The reason being, a new store solely devoted to hobbies has opened up in the city. It took me an hour to get there, but once i went there, it was worth it. I was going crazy checking every stamp out. I picked this and then picked that. The stamps were priced reasonably i guess, but the crafting supplies were quite expensive.
And the wishing never ends. If i found the stamps, i did not find any paper trimmer, the cutting mat was too small to be used for a 12 x 12 sheet. Not many dye based inks, not many colors. The grumpy list will go on. But back to being happy coz i dont' have to nag a family member returning from the USA or UK to bring me some stamps, or buy me ink pads. Though I'm still hoping to get someone to buy me a versamark black ink pad. it stamps on anything, including acetate sheets, which none of the other stamp pads do. so if any of my dearest cousins is reading this, you know what to get me. ;)

Here's what i got,
This whole range of wood mounted stamps. there were many more i wanted but my sweet lil fren who accompanied me, was getting restless. He doesn 't understand that this is something that i really love. But i appreciate him all the more for tolerating my madness as i jumped from aisle to aisle picking this and picking that. He was kind enough to hold my shopping bag while i kept throwing in stamps.
This is my third sheet of clear acrylic stamps. since it comes with an exchangeable acrylic block, its just peel stick, stamp and replace. easy to use but gets blurry if i press down too hard.
And this is the rolling stamp. i kinda forgot that i dont' have a black inkpad, at least not a big enough, i have a 1x1 cube of black ink. hmmm, must remember to buy it on my next round there. 3 months from now. have to start saving to splurge.

Didn't have enough space to put all the stamps so rummaged around and found an old shoe box. perfect fit.

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  1. Wow you got good stamps there girl!
    Never go in a craft store with a man!!LOL


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