Wednesday, May 30, 2007


My poor brother. He always keeps complaining that i never made him any cards. It was after his b'day went by that i decided i'm going to make cards for every birthday this year. So he was the grumpiest one. Every time I showed him a new card I made, he would just glance and go'Hrrumph" which was my clue to make him a card. never got around to making it.

Two days back, he overworked his back. He's a dentist and too many patients. So he's been on bed rest at my orders. So I finally got around to making him a mini card, my first 3x4 card. The patterned paper were some samples i had downloaded from the net. And voila! my smallest card turned out to be the prettiest card ever. The idea of using a crab along with a punny sentiment came from a GinaK. card. But while watching tv, i ended up writing crappy instead of crabby!!
And instead of 'hope you feel better" i wrote 'hope you fell better'

Well, my bro claims this is the best card he ever got, and quite unlikely to ever forget it coz i made him fell better :)And I can never seem to cut straight lines. Looks like i need a paper trimmer ASAP. One of my pals is coming in from australia, i think he might be kind enough to get me one... (cross my fingers)
Cheers for now!


  1. Oh this card is great! I am feeling a little crabby lately too and this card makes me smile. I'm glad your brother liked it! Great job Tejal

  2. Great card! love the colors. Nice paper you've used from the internet. Great idea!


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