Saturday, May 26, 2007


Guess what? I made a new card for my cousin's birthday. And since it was CASEd from Maria's card, I emailed her the card. She liked it a lot and guess what? she's making me a guest stamper. Wow! That is in capital letters. For someone like me who is a stamper in the infant stages, this is a huge honor. I'm on seventh heaven.This is the card. Like her i love bold and bright colors. Scanning unfortunately has ruined the colors of this card, but i dont' have a digicam. Persistant persuasion might pay off some day. Though i still feel this card lacks something, i dont' know what. Any ideas??

On other notes, i was thinking of creating a wishlist. why I dont' know? But just feel like. And Knowing my current obsession, all 100 of them would be something to do with stamping. Like a ton of ink pads, loads of patterned DP ( as of now i'm downloading and printing them off) and stamps by the dozen.
If wishes were horses beggars would ride. Ah well, the stamps i have aint' bad. so let me get busy with a new one.


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  1. Those bears are too cute! Grea job! Congratulations on being a guest stamper!


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